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Everfree Northwest 2nd visit and thoughts on the Brony Fandom in general · 7:38pm August 29th

Overall, I think this is an amazing community, and I'm proud to call myself a brony. I loved EFNW, and I had a much better time this year being able to hang out with more bronies and engage in conversation than I did last year and at Bronycon 2019. I will probably not go to any cons next year due to budget constraints, but I plan on attending a few cons in 2024, like Vanhoover, at least once. But concerning EFNW, it's a blast, and there are dozens of panels to attend; I got to see Peter New on stage, and he is just so awesome in real life. Seeing some of my favorite brony music artists on stage was great, like John Kenza and Loophoof. I got to play TSSSF again, got my own pack of cards this year, and saw tons of cool plushies and cosplay. Overall, I had a great time, and if anyone hasn't gone to a con before in the United States, I suggest attending EFNW. It's worth the trip. But as for me, I thought this community would sort of die in 2019 as that was the impression I got seeing the show was ending, and people were unsure of G5. I'm happy and thrilled people are still attending cons and are excited for G5 and the future of MLP. But as the phrase goes, it's just "not my cup of tea," as I appreciate it more than how I felt it a year ago. At the same time, I'm just not into it. But overall, that didn't stop me from wanting to continue being a brony, and regardless of what Gen you like, hate, or just not into, it doesn't matter. The idea about these conventions to me is just hanging out with people that appreciate you for being you and not judging you. We can disagree and not get others' opinions, but that doesn't mean we shut them down. So I had a blast and hope to see more bronies at other cons and hopefully see the friends I made again someday. Overall I'll just go back to how I was doing things, pump out story ideas, finish my unfinished works, go to work and knock out more school. I feel really good, and it was so much fun. I'm not even feeling "post-con blues," as I think that only doing one every year or every "other year" makes me appreciate them as something special and keeps me realizing how many people's lives have improved because of this show.

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