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Thoughts on Pinkie Pride · 3:24am August 15th

This a very insane episode that was designed purely as a way to show off Pinkie Pie and her rather silly antics. Once again, Pinkie Pie is her own worse enemy; here, seeing Cheese Sandwich would've been fine teaming with his idol Pinkie Pie in throwing a "Birthaversery" for Rainbow Dash. I feel with Pinkie Pie as a character; her issue is her pride which gets wounded easily when she starts to feel neglected. But it is all in her head as nopony was trying to ignore her on purpose, so she makes a mountain out of a molehill.

But there is a reason for this as I will try explaining these psychological terms in how I see Pinkie Pie. I think Pinkie starts becoming self-destructive when she feels like she's being ignored makes her panic because she never got attention from her parents. Her family is very conservative and wouldn't be so appreciative of her outgoing personality. So she looked for that kind of approval from the ponies in Ponyville, creating an unhealthy desire of constantly having to be the best party pony to maintain a feeling of self-worth.

So, in truth this is a clever episode to show that there was never an issue with Cheese Sandwich collabing with Pinkie Pie, seeing she was the one who inspired him to be a party pony. Thus she had to get over her pride to dismantle the barrier she created by being apprehensive about Cheese Sandwich's arrival. The antics and fun within the episode held it up along with Al Yakovinch's singing. The episode also took advantage of Weird Al's talent of making the craziest lyrics for songs. It's at least worth a watch for his singing alone. So overall, I would say this is a very good episode despite it feeling quite random throughout, as it does a great job of exploring Pinkie Pie's character without being "in your face" about her issues.

Random Thoughts

So, there was some continuity with Diamond Tiara somewhat thanking Pinkie Pie for throwing her "cutsinaria" and the baby shower for the Cake Twins. That's nice to know.

So Weird Al is voicing a pony in MLP wasn't something I would ever think would've happened. But he did such a great job with Cheese Sandwich.

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One of the best episodes of That season, as far as I'm concerned.

Side note: Recently, I oddly thought about how the cast of a game world such as... Final Fantasy X would react to hearing about Pinkie Pie. Put shortly, saying something to the effect of: "Don't let her appearance fool you. In a world of light (with... moderate danger), where Friendship itself is a kind of magic, she's inarguably one of the most powerful beings there."

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