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just barely existing. ◈ Forget about coffee buy me a cup noodle.

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one of my usb flash drives corrupted, and boy am i glad that anything important i had on it i backed up looooong ago · 6:08am August 12th

oof ouch there goes any semblance of organization that I had for my current ongoing tech project though

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Who needs organization anyways

You mean you don’t name your files random characters you can’t even make with a keyboard? For shame

This looks painfun in ways i never knew existed

What is... What is "thiccboi archive drive"???

my main long-term storage hard drive lol

it's where i store past youtube videos that I've recorded and stuff

my phone spits out videos like 3-4GB in size for just 10 minutes for grainy 1080p lol

Wait so its thiccboi archive drive as in its your hard drive because youre a thiccboi?

nah the hard drive itself is thicc lol

Thicc thighs rhymes with thicc files

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