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    My Little Pony Goes To The Potty

    I’m working on a Discord server on which I help many characters (including ponies) learn to go to the potty.
    Here’s the link thereto.

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  • 8 weeks
    A First Draft

    Chapter 1
    Mommy had finished changing my diaper. “There you go, Fluttershy—a nice, fresh Down diaper for your sensitive rump,” she told me. “Oh, Mommy, thank you!” I cried with relief. “School is coming soon,” said Daddy.

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    My Story Formula

    From here on in, all the rough drafts of my stories will have 4 paragraphs per chapter and 4 sentences per paragraph.

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    The Pony Rap

    [vinyl scratch] Here—
    [vinyl scratch] Here—
    [vinyl scratch] Here we go!

    ~ INTRO ~
    So, they’re finally here,
    Performing for you.
    If you know the words,
    You can join in too.
    Put your hooves together,
    If you want to clap,
    As we take you through
    This Pony Rap! (Hey!)

    (Mane Six!)
    (Pony Squad!)
    (Mane Six!)
    (Pony Squad is here!)

    ~ VERSE 1: Twilight Sparkle ~

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A First Draft · 11:02pm August 5th

Chapter 1
Mommy had finished changing my diaper. “There you go, Fluttershy—a nice, fresh Down diaper for your sensitive rump,” she told me. “Oh, Mommy, thank you!” I cried with relief. “School is coming soon,” said Daddy.
My pupils shrank in utter fright. “S-S-S-S-School?” I asked meekly. “And diapers are not allowed at school,” added Mommy. “But—but I—I love my diaper!” I complained.
“If you want to go to school, Fluttershy,” Daddy told me, “then you’ll have to learn to use the potty.” Since I had never heard of the potty before, my ears stood up in curiosity. “Big fillies—and big colts—use the potty instead of diapers,” explained Mommy. “I don’t want to be a big filly!” I whispered, still afraid.
“Fluttershy,” asked Mommy, “did you say something?” Her question scared me very much. “I want to stay a baby!” I sobbed at the top of my voice. “Oh, my!” cried Daddy, who hugged me with his wings.

Chapter 2
It was my bedtime. “I always went in my diaper,” I told Mommy. “And your daddy and I always changed your diaper after you went in it,” she answered. “But Mommy,” I complained, “I’m afraid to go anywhere without my diaper!”
Mommy gave me a huge smile and cuddled me with her wings. “There’s a reason that diapers are not allowed in school,” she told me. “But what is it?” I asked her. “Teachers can’t take care of a whole bunch of fillies and colts—or change their diapers,” she explained.
Tears began to form in my eyes. “But Mommy,” I cried, “if I stop wearing my diaper, then I won’t be your baby anymore!” “You’re not a baby at all anymore,” countered Mommy, “but I will always take care of you.” “Oh, my—thank you very much!” I cried with relief.
“If you’re still afraid to stop wearing a diaper,” offered Mommy, “then your daddy and I will let you keep wearing one at home.” “Oh, thank goodness!” I gasped. Mommy turned the lights off. “Good night, Fluttershy,” she told me, and then, she closed the door to my bedroom.

Chapter 3
The next morning, Mommy, Daddy, and I were on our way to school. “I wish I were wearing my diaper,” I told Mommy. “Don’t worry, Fluttershy; the school will have plenty of potties,” she countered. “There’s no turning back now, dear,” Daddy told me.
My parents and I arrived at West Cloudsdale Nursery School. Mommy, who saw me shivering, asked me, “Are you OK, dear?” “I’m cold!” I lied. “How about a huge hug, Fluttershy?” suggested Daddy.
A light-gray pegasus stallion saw my parents and me as we trotted in. “My name is Sunny Heaven,” he told me, “and I’ll be your teacher.” “But—but I—I don’t want to be here!” I cried, hiding behind my parents. “I think that somepony is shy!” remarked Sunny Heaven.
“My rump is cold!” I lied to my teacher. “Do you miss your warm, cozy diaper?” he asked me. All I could do was nod my head silently. “It’s OK, Fluttershy; I’ll help you!” he told me.

Chapter 4
Sunny Heaven took me into a restroom. “Fluttershy,” he told me, “this is called a potty.” “Oh, my goodness—it’s big!” I cried when I saw the potty. “It’s supposed to be big,” he explained.
All I could do was stare at the potty in fear. “Are you afraid to use the potty?” Sunny Heaven asked me. “That potty is cold; a diaper is warm!” I explained. “Something warm for your rump…” thought my teacher.
“Here you go—a potty pillow!” said Sunny Heaven, who had just put a warm seat cushion on top of the potty. “What should I do now?” I asked him. “Now,” he answered, “you sit down on the potty!” He picked me up and sat me down—very gently—on the potty.
“This potty feels good,” I told my teacher. “Well, Fluttershy,” he asked me, “do you know what to do now?” “Oh, yes—and I’m doing it right now!” I cried with joy. I felt happier and happier as I went in the potty.

Chapter 5
Now, it was time for class. “Sir,” I asked Sunny Heaven, “may I stay here, please?” “I’m afraid not, Fluttershy,” he answered. “But—I’m shy!” I complained.
Sunny Heaven led me slowly out of the restroom. “Fluttershy,” he told me, “all the fillies and colts here are nice.” “R-R-Really?” I stammered. “Of course!” he reassured me.
When I set hoof in my classroom, all the new faces there terrified me. “S-S-Sir, I c-c-can’t join them,” I stammered. “But Fluttershy, all of those fillies are afraid, too!” Sunny Heaven told me. “Oh, my!”
I trotted very slowly into the classroom, where I met five fillies. “If you need to go to the potty, then please let me know,” Sunny Heaven told me. “H-H-Hello,” I stammered to my classmates. “Good job, Fluttershy,” my teacher whispered to me.

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