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The Last Afterword · 2:21am August 5th

And so… the final word is written. 

It’s been a pleasure. 

Please be well.
~ Yr. Friend, Braden

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Comments ( 64 )

Thank you, B! Been real. You'll always be number one

Take care, my friend. It has been and always will be a pleasure, B.

Godspeed B.
It's been a pleasure serving and being with you.

>B_25 leaving the fandom (yet again) like:

Hey good luck with living the life and all that. Wish you the best B.
Pop back in every now and again so we know you are doing alright, Alright?
or dont
Im not your boss

I salute you good sir, thanks for a wild ride!

racer76 #8 · August 5th · · 1 ·

I came (very) late to the fandom, but I've enjoyed what you've shared with us. Sorry to see you go and all the best.

Luck and fortune in whatever you find next!

Stay in touch.


~Skeeter The Lurker

It's been fun. Farewell, my friend.

Take care of yourself.
Find enjoyment and meaning in life.
Keep in touch

TAD2 #14 · August 5th · · 1 ·

Goodbye sir. You have given so much and we are very grateful. I wish you all the best from now on.

Thank you for the many years you've been here, B! Every one of the 250 stories you've created will be cherished by us all!

Have a great life man. Hope we may see ya again someday.

You'll be missed. I usually don't have anything interesting to comment, but I loved your blogs!:heart:

Thank you for what you’ve done. Good luck with everything. It’s been a pleasure.

X 865 #19 · August 5th · · 2 ·

I just wanted to say good luck! We're all counting on you.

Thank you for all your great story's B_25

LH45 #21 · August 5th · · 1 ·

Good luck. Though I barely know ye, good luck, and I hope you visit here
Edit: just dug threw your porn to find the non-porn. Beautiful words were written. A mothers recharge made me cry. Thank you, for such wondrous works
Where may i follow ye, where you will write words of a non-equestrian nature?

Hillbe #22 · August 5th · · 1 ·

Thank you

Thanks for sharing all these stories with us.
You've written some of my absolute favorites.

I hope you'll be able to stay and continue to enjoy ponyfic, even if you aren't writing anymore.

Here's to hoping. Fingers crossed!

You will be missed. You will be remembered. You are and will be loved.

So it is written, so it shall be.

I've read your posts for majority of my time on here. Thanks for being such a creative force to be reckoned with

you made good stories, if you ever write again even if it's not here, allow me to read them if possible, thank you.

Have fun, see you later my dude. :raritywink:

So many people standing around, saying goodbyes.
Like a living funeral.

Piss on that. See you soon friend :moustache::heart:

Farewell! You are my 10th doctor! My favorite! don't tell anyone!

Later, B!
Thanks for your time, and the stories!:moustache:

Hey man. I'm late as fuck, but whatever.

Glad to see that you wrote one more fic. I know we didn't really talk too much, but we still homies, and I still got that picture on my page (you prolly remember it). Having you on this site has been a blessing man, and I'm hoping that even if you don't wanna stick around now, you'll return sometime in the future. Shit, I did.

But live your life man. I know you gonna be alright. Wishing you the best, B.


Take care, B!

Rock on, B.

Goodbye B_25 take care.

Thank you for all your great stories, B_25
It was a great journey reading them,
Take care! And cant wait till you share where we can find your next awesome stories


I'm sorry things shook out like they did. Illness is a monster.

I wish you well in everything you succeed in in future.

I hope you at least check back, now and again. There are bound to still be people reading or re-reading your stories and sharing their thoughts.

You may not have any more stories to tell, but the ones you've given will still be enjoyed.

Is always weird to see someone go, I personally didn’t read most of your fics, but still, it will always be weird for me to see someone go.

Pls take care, and good luck in your future endeavours.

And don’t feel bad if you want to come back from time to time to check what we are up to

Fair thee well B_25, You will be missed.

What about your incomplete and cancelled stories?

Thank you for having us for all those years. Been a pleasure

Well hope we can hear from you at least and would love to see you back at some point, though I just hope you keep in contact

See you, B_25! Stay in touch, just because you're putting down the pen doesn't mean you can't drop in!

Congrats on hitting 250 stories, as well, that's a huge capstone to be proud of.

Take care.

Until then, and good luck! :heart: :twilightsmile:

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