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Last Wrap of Stories · 11:15pm July 26th


Here's a list of the last batch of stories in the pipeline.

Most of them are already written—but require that poor editor's touch.

247. Say SO! (Spike and Fluttershy; simple erotic fluff)

248. Land of Satin (Shrunk Spike and Rarity; goes as expected)

249. A Cold Heart in a Warm Bed (Depressed Applejack and Rarity)

250. The Last Story (The girls have one last picnic before Spike carries Twilight home)

And that's about it! Should have all of them down and out within the first week of August! I'll admit that I'm nearing the end of the tank when it comes to writing fanfiction. These stories suffer from that. They're not exactly the ones I thought I'd be ending my 'career' on.

But, usually, that's how life goes.

I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless.
~ Yr. Retiring Pal, B

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Comments ( 18 )

Just like a smoker, bby

I hope you stay active, even if you don't post stories.
.....actually, I do have an idea or two for a last story that you could write.... want me to pm you it, in order for your end to have a bang?

Sorry! But the list is already decided.

Dang..... mind if I pm you the idea? It's pretty silly, and somewhat of a novel one...

WAIT!... You're leaving? Never thought something like this would happen. Your one of the oldest & respected users here.

Wait...what do you mean, AGAIN.

B_25 #8 · July 26th · · ·

You can send it to me if you like! I just won't write it.

Looking forward to reading (some of) them. May your future endeavors be fun and interesting.

Dude, your stories are always amazing to read over and over again. I must say, as a fan, it sucks to see you go. But, like you said, that's how life goes. Still, you're awesome. Hoping for happiness in your future

Well, if you feel like you can't give more, it's good that you're retiring soon, and these last few seem like a good send off. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you try to do next.

PS: I guess Differing Personal Entrapments will remain incomplete?

I salute you good sir. Reading you stories served as an inspiration for me, and helped me get into writing. It also honed my skills and helped me improve my grammar and overall knowledge of word use. Thanks again for all the great stories you've made over the years and I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

B_25 #13 · July 27th · · ·


Nah. I might finish a few off over time. But probably not for a while.


The girls have one last picnic before Spike carries Twilight home

So our boy Spike finally gets to carry Twilight home.
It's nice to see you deliver on your promise, B!

Gonna miss you and hope you come back but will you at least blog to let us know how you are?

Sorry that I never wrote the "Spike Carries Twilight Home" fic you meant for me to write. That said, I am most proud of Carry Me Home out of everything I ever wrote. It was actually in the top 20 of all the stories on the site for a while, there. Thank you for the inspiration, again.

I'm looking forward to your version.



Your version was great; mine will be but a meme.

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