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An update on what I have done, what I am working on, and what I am planning · 10:48pm July 21st

Hello there you three people that will read this blog. I thought I might as well sit down and write this while I had it on my mind so I can lay it out for myself as well. I have been writing stories on FimFiction on and off since about 2016 with some breaks for work and school. In that time I completed one Mega-project: Chronicles of Nathaniel, one prequel story that was meant to kick-start a series: Son of Shadow and Light, and I started on what was meant to be a rewrite on all of MLP: FiM: MLP: FiM Reborn and Retold. These three stories were my main ideas and they all appeared around the same time back in 2016. I began work on Son of Shadow and Light in January of 2017 and the story was absolutely terrible. This was followed by MLP: FiM Reborn and Retold in September of 2017 and Chronicles of Nathaniel in February 2018.

CoN got a following almost immediately and so I focused all my energy on it for an entire year with only a one-month break for studies for an important exam. It got over three hundred likes and a lot of comments and honestly, it was the thing that made me write more stories for FimFiction. Once the original version of CoN was completed I began work on Accession and Guardians of the eight kingdoms in 2019 which were both sequel stories that handled some of the fallout from the ending of CoN (The Griffon succession crisis and the guardian order's place in the new world respectively). It was once these stories were done and after a long break that I posted the prologue for my next mega-project king of Cosea. This clashed with my planned rewrite of Chronicles of Nathaniel to expand and improve the plot as well as improve the grammar. I have promised one or three times since I released CoN that I would rewrite the whole thing and I am sad I have yet to deliver on that promise. King of Cosea took up time and my focus constantly changed since I also wrote a fantasy novel.

I also began work on several lewd stories in early 2021: Celestial Interrogation and Changeling Domination. Both of these stories were smash-hits and I was astounded that so many people liked them. They become my second and third most liked stories overnight. These were followed by a few more lewd stories: Hallowed Mind and the Succubus and The Goddess of Baskar Ruins. These were in turn followed by one more story that featured my old OC Nova: The Murder of Mayoral Candidate Smooth Talker. This was followed by my submission for the Summer Sin event of 2021: A night in the garden.

It was then, in December of 2021 I discovered that people on FimFiction really love changelings. I released A changeling goes to the market, A changeling builds a house in the Everfree forest, and A changeling attends a party in quick succession. These laid the groundwork for my third mega-project: A changeling named Mute. I wrote two chapters for ACNM but I dropped it for a few months when I began to feel really down due to family tragedy and just feeling more and more isolated because of my solitary work. However I recently began work on ACNM once more and last week I released two chapters for the story, one flashback chapter and one that takes place in the modern day. But I have done more than that, I have also begun work on King of Cosea again after properly outlining it with a friend. I am in fact rewriting all the chapters of King of Cosea to better fit with this outline, but you can not and will not be shown these chapters until I have caught up with the old story plot-wise.

I created a schedule for how I would work on both stories during the summer, dedicating three days a week to each story. However due to work that is unlikely to be a realistic goal since I have not completed a chapter for either story this week. So I am thinking about restructuring my plan, I am just not certain what to do. I will however share with you all my general writing plan, the big plan for all my stories.

Complete King of Cosea and/or A changeling named Mute before 2023
This is the current goal I am working on. I hope I can do it so I can focus more time on my next planned project.

Rewrite of Chronicles of Nathaniel!
The current plan is to dedicate all time to finishing the rewrite once I am done with ACNM and KoC. The rewrite will take time but I would hope I'd be done before the end of the summer of 2023. This will also fix the issue that the rewritten chapters do not flow well into the old chapters. The original first chapters for CoN no longer exist due to me being careless and I am sorry about the state the story is in because of it. Once it is entirely rewritten it will make sense. I will also not remove any more old chapters until I have fully completed the story.

Start work on the next mega-project: Chronicles of Nathaniel: Gates of Tartarus
This is my current long-term goal. It has been in the ideas stage for like four years and I really want to write this story, but I have a bad habit of jumping to new things before an old thing is completed so I will stay my hand and leave it for now. This story would not be started until 2023 or 2024.

Rewrite of MLP: FiM Reborn and Retold
I would turn it into a prequel story much like Son of Shadow and Light.

Rewrite of Son of Shadow and Light
This story would desperately need it. It is my first story and as such it is awful and it even earned a place in a group for terrible stories. It needs rewrites but they're far away.

Next mega-project: ?
I honestly don't know what would come afterward, probably a sequel to A changeling named Mute. We'll see.

And that is about it. That is a little about my writing plan. I would like to ask for some advice regarding prioritization from you, my readers. Right now it is between A Changeling Named Mute and King of Cosea. I don't know which story should come first so I would like all of you to choose in the comments below. Once I have some input from all of you I think I will be able to better use my time and finish my work faster. I hope to hear from at least some of you.

Have a good day/night now!

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