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Anyway, that was Trotcon · 7:36pm Jul 18th, 2022

Trotcon 2022 is over and done, having been my first pony convention. Gonna muse and retrospect in bullet points.

-Not too crowded! Some lectures filled up quickly, but in general there was a very pleasant balance of both elbow room and a sense of being at a busy convention. I didn’t go for autographs or the night market so maybe I just happened to skip everything that would feel like ‘line-con.’

-The Horrors of G1 lecture was a lot of fun – the presenter was very entertaining and well-organized. He used a slideshow complete with videos, fan art, and images, with even a few insightful quotes thrown in, and the extra preparation went a long way to improving the experience.

-One of my big limiting factors is and was the lack of personal connection – I have very few RL brony friends; my big fandom connection is here in writer/reader/commentator relationships. None of the few internet friends I consider close were going. Much of the social side was lost on me, and that is a big part of the convention. After a few runs through the vendor hall, a few presentations that interested me, and a fair bit of people-watching, I was done and left Sunday morning. I will however say that almost two full days of Trotcon filled my time up very nicely despite the sense that I hadn’t done much. I can’t say I was bored for any of it.

-My efforts to run RPGs were a mixed bag. Tabletop gaming and CPU gaming shared a room, meaning noise-space was shared with 15 televisions. My first session got five visitors and the three who stayed to the end seemed to have fun. And so did I – Toon is an anarchic system that puts the GM constantly on their feet because the players are barely restrained. But they scheduled my second game at 8p on Saturday and I was quite tired by then and somewhat grateful no one showed.

-Contacts were made! The gentlemen running the tabletop game area were enormously friendly. They seemed grateful someone besides them actually ran events there and thought they might get their own room next year. I got an email address and might help run things next time – tabletop gaming is my passion and it would feel good to be at the convention with a purpose instead of aimless wandering.

-Jeebus, why so many events after dark? They had literally 24 hours of activities scheduled. I get the need to protect minors but ‘it’s late so they won’t come’ is a patchy shield at best and wrote me out of checking some things I wanted to see.

-I caught the Fimfic lecture! It was good to see other authors and readers there, people who only existed as avatars to me before now. Admiral Biscuit gave me a T-shirt so I guess I have to follow him now, it’s the law.

-The in-house bar was super neat, perfect for relaxing after a busy friday.

-I’m gonna say it: I was leery on the way in, but even late on Saturday there was no… ‘con odor.’ Congratulations and thank you to all the hygienic attendees.

-Idk how the vendor/artist halls compares to other brony/furry cons. But as someone whose entire offline life is nonbrony, walking through those doors for the very first time felt like somewhere between the Markets of Agrabah and entering Heaven.

Now for some pics:

Da loot!

One of my ambitions going was to have the experience of commissioning art to be done on-site. I asked Saphypone for Harshwhinny and this is what came out! Even my favorite grumpypone was happy to be at Trotcon, and her frame is on the way.:heart:

idk, I just saw it and couldn't resist. XD I've always had fondness for the 'adult' ponies in the room and I'm tickled that this exists.

Their griffon mascot is friggity friggin cute.

This Queen Chrysalis had huge... tracts of land.:scootangel:

Every day we fall further from God's light. XD

And that's it from me! I was a bit leery and a bit morbidly curious, but my worries (that either I'd be bored or it'd be too weird for me) didn't come to pass. No one can plan too far into the future these days, but if you asked me now if I would return I'd be happy to pencil in a yes.

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Likening the merch stands to the markets of Agrabah was very evocative.

I've never had much interest in visiting conventions, but your retrospective makes it sound like it might be worth trying.
Putting actual faces to long-familiar avatars like you said would certainly be interesting, to be sure.

Glad you had fun.

aww that sounds fun!

This looks like it was a lot of fun. I'm glad people are still running these events. I would have killed to go to a bronycon seven years ago.

One’s first PonyCon is always quite the experience. I still remember mine, UK PonyCon back in 2019, and I’m finally going again this year (thank you, pandemic… :ajbemused:). Sounds like this one hit the nice attendance balance of having enough people and activities to keep you engaged and energized but not so much that it came to be too much. Unless leaving early on Sunday is a direct result of that. :twilightsheepish:

And nice haul; quality merch is one of the most effective ways to keep memories of a con experience alive, if nothing else.

One of my big limiting factors is and was the lack of personal connection

There's a trick to this!

One, try not to overburden your schedule in advance if you're new to the public side of a fandom.

Two, find one of the people you do know, and spend much of the con stuck to them like glue. This will give you quality time with a friend, and you'll meet new friends in the process.

Wanderer D

It was nice to meet you! Maybe next time you can join us for lunch or something so we can catch up!

Wish I could have made it this year to see hi,but glad you made it out to one :)


Unless leaving early on Sunday is a direct result of that. :twilightsheepish:

It was vaguely my plan to leave Sunday morning, and with no events that caught my eye there was nothing calling me back. Admittedly I had a different experience there than most since it was just a two hour drive and fit neatly in a long weekend. Others drove or planed in huge distances, something that always impresses me.

Perhaps I will try this, thank you!

Admiral Biscuit gave me a T-shirt so I guess I have to follow him now, it’s the law.

Indeed it is.

Glad you had a generally positive experience. Hope to meet you next year.

Same to you!~ The whole thing is a big ol blur right now.:derpyderp2:

This Queen Chrysalis had huge... tracts of land.


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