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On Scientific Approach to Cartoon Horse Pornography · 9:48pm Jul 13th, 2022

Sock wrote an interesting blog about how Young Six and other Friendship School characters compare to G5 characters when it comes to stories, including explicit stories. After reading it, I decided to check what this looks like in fanart and whether there are any differences between derpibooru and the biggest altboorus that emerged after The Great Schism of 2020. Thus, just like Sock, I decided to check the number of pictures of Young Six and G5 characters on four sites: Derpibooru, Ponybooru, Twibooru, and Ponutpics Ponerpics. I also checked the number of explicit images featuring each of the characters.

Some trivia:

  • For each booru, I switched to the absolutely everything, no hidden images filter. Needless to say, I've seen some shit.
  • Related to the above, on Ponybooru switching to the Dalai-Lama filter ("make me one with everything") requires an account. This is not the case with Twibooru and Ponerpics.

So, after a while of checking the tags, I ended up with this monstrosity:

On the first sight, it may seem like the School of Friendship characters are much more popular than G5; after all, they had three years of headstart. However, if we compare just the main characters, Young Six vs. Mane 5, we get a completely different picture:

Fun fact: in the first version of this table, I somehow managed to cut Pipp as well. Ripp Pipp.

Definitely, the secondary characters of G4 are way more popular than G5 ones, but when it comes to main characters, G5 easily took over the Student Six.

Some other fun findings include:

  • Smolder not only has the most images of the Friendship School characters on every booru, she also has the biggest percentage of explicit images out of them. Looks like artists are into dragons, while writers prefer to write porn featuring Gallus, as Sock found out.
  • There is generally less explicit images of G5 characters than Young Six/School of Friendship characters. Either artists like the variety of creatures, or the fandom's collective libido dropped.

She found no new porn of herself.

  • Artists and writers, however, agree that Yona can go f:yay:k herself.
  • There are some differences in the number of pics between boorus: Ponybooru generally has less pictures of G4 characters than Derpibooru, but more pictures of G5 characters. Twibooru and Ponerpics both have more pictures than Derpibooru, perhaps due to the differences in the site rules regarding content.
  • Despite the above, Ponybooru has a whooping 500 pictures of Cozy Glow more than Derpibooru, including 95 more explicit ones. My lawyer advised me not to elaborate on that, so let's say that's also due to the differences in the site rules regarding content.

  • Just when I thought nothing can be more suspicious than the amount of Golly pics on Ponybooru, here came Twibooru with 70 more pics, 25 of them explicit. And then Ponerpics turned out to host 276 pics more than that (with 74 explicit).

  • Looking at the G5 characters with the biggest percentage of porn, there's one interesting observation: Sprout's mom has got it going on. And so does Queen Haven.

I mean, that's not exactly surprising (Source)

  • Of the three explicit pics of Argyle (they're the same pics on every booru), one is solo and two feature Sunny. Stay classy, artists.
  • Of 65 explicit images of Sprout on Derpibooru, 31 also feature "gay" tag (one of them even featuring Gallus). In case of Hitch, it's 42 out of 276.
  • Oddly, Sprout seems to be featured much less in incest pairings, despite his mom having it going on.
  • Speaking of family relationships, the glorious war of sisterly rivalry is easily won by Pipp, who not only has more pics than Zipp on every booru, she also consistently has more explicit pictures. This is another reversal from the fanfics – I'm guessing that since Zipp had more personality in the movie, writers have more stuff to work with, while artists prefer drawing Pipp.

Your queen is disappointed in you.

Anything else you found out? Share it in the comments.

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Needless to say, I've seen some shit.

Figuratively, then literally, I imagine.

Mostly figuratively. Luckily, it wasn't in the most recent pics.

Artists and writers, however, agree that Yona can go f:yay:k herself.

Since it seems nocreature else wishes to do so.

The Great Schism of 2020

The what now? I never followed most dramas of the community so I have no idea what happened. Could you please elucidate?

What the hell did I just click?

Needless to say, I've seen some shit.


Artists demanded Derpi remove art with racist symbols and references due to how it appeals to neo-Nazi elements in the fandom. Other artists demanded Derpi not censor anything. Both groups were pretty angry.

Derpi said they were going to ban racist images, and then they flip-flopped like, three times in a row, as there was an internal power struggle going on. They ended up not removing the artwork, and a bunch of artists took their work off the site. Several new boorus were created in the aftermath, all with different rules. Some allow any legal images at all, whether or not the artists of those images agree. Others ban consenting adult incest images. (Technically, ApplePie should fall under that...)

Fic idea: Gallus has to take Yona's virginity (he somehow lost a game of rock-paper-scissors to Sandbar).

What Trick says, more or less. Interestingly, I heard that people who started the whole thing are men of culture as well.


Why does everybody ask about that? :rainbowlaugh:


Others ban consenting adult incest images.

Seems that I didn't include this one in my research (it would probably have less pics of Pipp and Zipp. And much less Golly, since these ones are probably banned as well).

Okay, but you leave the most important question of all dreadfully unanswered: where can I find the AlphaDILFle porn sadly lacking in my life? Why is there little to no alphascout or alphabow out there?

Indeed, there should be more (Zipp in particular seems like she's into older guys).

Or maybe just expects to end up in a loveless marriage to an older guy, on account of being the heir apparent.

What's the Great Schism of 2020?

Derpibooru mods first banning Nazi content (Aryanne and so on) and then backpedalling from this, leading to many artists leaving the site either because they were afraid the mods would introduce censorship or because they were triggered by Aryanne fanarts. This led to the creation of several so called altboorus which either have less content restrictions than derpibooru (twibooru, ponybooru, and ponerpics, which all allow paywalled content and various unspeakable things names of which end in -con) or more content restrictions (manebooru, I think? It's kinda like derpi for people who can't use filters).

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