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Manes Of Optimistic Pride Chapter 4 Permanently Outgoing · 7:51pm July 8th

“Libby!” Molly called.

“Libby!” Marceline called, floating above the ranch.

“This isn’t the time to play hide and seek!” Ruby called.

“It’s been fifteen minutes, where in the tarnation is she?” Applejack retorted.

After coming back together, they thought Libby left the ranch on her own, but at the same time, Molly knew Libby wouldn’t do that. “Have we checked inside the barns?” Molly asked.

“It’s mostly off limits for visitors unless they have permission.” Amabel replied. “But since we checked everywhere else, she must’ve wandered off.”

“Let’s check them out then.” Ruby replied. As the group head their way to one of the barns of the ranch, they heard Liam’s voice, but also Libby’s. Once they slowly headed to the barn door, Molly and Andrea popped their heads and saw Libby having a private discussion with Liam.

“If you didn’t want to tag along for the fundraiser, you could’ve texted Molly last night.” Liam said.

“It’s just I don’t want Molly to fail on her goal, but the LGBT Cartoon Community isn’t meant for me, or even her.” Libby responded.

“Myself included, I doubt she’ll have anyone who’ll probably be close to her in that type of relationship.”

Upon hearing the confession, Molly had no words at all. But what confused her is what Liam just expressed. As for Andrea, she didn’t tag along the same way Libby did. Her curiosity is personal the more she experiences it with the LGBT Cartoon Community.

“Libby…” Molly exposing herself.

“Molly.” Libby took notice.

“You and your friends aren’t allowed to be here.” Liam recalled.

“We were looking for Libby.” Marceline replied. “And we still haven’t ridden the horses yet.”

“Sorry, after taking a hike, she wanted a private conversation in this barn.”

“I was stressed out, okay!?” Libby confessed.

“About the LGBT Cartoon Community and what it’s about?” Molly walked up to Libby. “Not to mention not for people like me?”

Libby stared at Molly’s eyes closely, without giving her a chance to leave. “What Amity told you wasn’t supposed to make you feel uncomfortable since you asked to know about relationships like that.” Ruby replied.

“Also, it was difficult to showcase it in our shows.” Luna added.

“If you didn’t want to come along, you should’ve told us when you had the chance.” Applejack added.

Libby signed, realizing that she double-crossed the LGBT Community, even if she wanted it to happen right away. Not to mention that her friend Molly is way ahead of her lead then she thought. “Do you even know that from where I live, there’s no LGBT group of some sort?”

The community looked at each other after Libby’s confession. “You never saw any bisexuals in you’re life?” Amabel replied.

“No. I’m never against it, but my parents are, mostly.”

“Then what would your parents feel if they found out about this?” Ruby added.

“Because they never knew anything of what any of you were feeling in your shows…until Amity told me last night…which is something I’ve been trying to avoid.” Libby walked past the group as she headed out the barn.

Molly didn’t forget that her best friend was always part of a jewish family. She also forgets how sensitive she can be when a question comes to her. “You were fearing that people will mistake us as a gay couple?” She walked out of the barn, to which Libby stood in place.

“Yes.” Libby refuses to turn her attention to Molly. “Do you ever picture yourself like that?”

The optimistic girl wanted Libby as a friend, but as her girlfriend was nowhere near her goals, especially for her Disney Channel show. The LGBT Community has dealt with people feeling uncomfortable when they come across their community. Libby being one of those people gave them less options knowing full well they want no business of it.

But Xochi, who just joined the group, walks up to Libby from behind. “If I picture you and your friend as girlfriends, she wouldn’t even help us right now.”

“And actually expect a different cartoon star to step in on the fundraiser? I would stay out of it inst-”

“Don’t say another word.” She leaned down while Libby turned to her. “Whatever you’re going through, you will never stop or change that. The only thing I have learned since meeting this community so far is that they’re relentless.”

“But in a good way.” Luna added while Amabel walked past her.

“Besides, I would only judge you if you tried to stop us. If I was in a group I disliked in the whole world, I would still keep it to myself.”

“Granted, if we were forced to, but that’s besides the point.” Xochi replied. “If there’s one thing the group expects you to do is contribute to the help.”

“But what am I supposed to do?” Libby wondered.

“You’ll figure it out when the time is right. Also in case you haven’t noticed, there are jewish people who are gay and part of the community.”

“It’s true.” Andrea crossed her arms. “From the way I see it, we might meet a jewish person who could be gay.”

“That would be interesting.” Marceline added.

“Yeah, granted you would not be attracted to that person, but you might witness that they exist at least.” Molly smiled.

Libby could only wish she could ride a horse just for fun, similar to riding a buffalo just like in the Disney cartoon. But at the same time, the community who’s taking part of this will contribute something extraordinary. And yet what they lack is expected, unexpectedly out of nowhere when the time is right.

Then, Luna’s phone rang, she picked it up and got a text from Luz. “Luz and the others are heading over here.” She answered. “Looks like we’re ready to ride the horses soon.”

“Okay, I’ll get the horses ready for you’all.” Liam heading to the horse pen.

“Right behind you.” Applejack volunteered.

The community headed back to the entrance to reunite with the rest of the group. “You'll be fine.” Xochi padding on Libby’s shoulder.

“It’s still day one.” Amabel walking past. “We have weeks to put this together.”

As Libby turned to the LGBT community, Molly walked up to her. “Are you still nervous?”

“Just a little bit.” Libby signed. “But I’m not responsible for this, so I’ve just been overreacting.”

“So what do you think you're gonna do to help this community?”

“Well, I was thinking about riding a horse, but that’s not helping at all.”

“When we’re done, I’ll ask Liam if we can ride a horse together, just for fun.” The two walked together, heading to the entrance of the ranch. “By the way, if you do have an idea that could work, I would definitely be on board with it.”

“I guess we'll see what happens.”

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