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State of Address · 4:47am Jul 5th, 2022

Dear Bronies and Pegasisters,

Firstly, I want to apologize for not giving an update on the 2nd as partly I have forgotten the date to post this and partly that I've found myself to be busy as of late. However, I still feel that I owe to all of you what has been going on as of late as well as to report my status in writing on this site.

It's rather amazing to think that it has been over eight years since I started writing on FimFiction. As of July 4, 2022, I have written a total of 2, 415, 112 words. Of these, 88 are completed; one is incomplete; seven are on hiatus; one is canceled. Of these, 29 are rated Everyone; 59 are rated Teen; nine are rated Mature. As of today, there are 765 followers.

In retrospect, I confess that I haven't exactly gained much ground from the year before. No doubt some of you are probably wondering why I have been taking so long to get out either a new chapter or a new story. This is because as of late, I have been getting more involved with co-writing with two other creators. Namely Rated Ponystar, and Lilrq28. Needless to say, I have been getting involved with other projects.

The good news is that now with open communication among the three of us, we've come up with a way to schedule when to focus on certain projects. This way while I can work by collaborating with their projects, there are a few days where I can concentrate on my own. And yes, I admit that it is a slow process, but I am looking forward to what lies ahead.

This brings us to the near future, and what I hope to accomplish by next year. With Rated, we've announced that we will be working on a series of fics based on the AU Helluva Boss known as "Leave it to Heaven." So yes, I will be sprouting out my creative writing than just ponies. But don't you worry, with Lilrq28, we're working on a new story that focuses on the life of Hoity Toity - a challenging one, but I'm always up for a good challenge.

It should be important to note, that as of today, I have 97 stories. Which means that I'm just three stories away from reaching a milestone of a hundred stories. And what exactly do I plan on doing? For the spooky season of October, I'm beginning to hammer out a story in my head for the occasion. What exactly it'll be about is yet to be determined. Another story I have in mind is something that I wanted to write about for years but have never gotten the chance nor the ideal setting in how to bring it about. I won't dare give anything away, except that a major theme throughout, is the subject of WWI.

But there is something else too. For my 101 story, part of me wants to do something unique. As a way of gratitude and as a way of giving back. Namely, I want to ask you, the reader, to send in suggestions of what that story could be. Now before you start writing in, I'm not in the position to hear those suggestions yet, but when I am, I promise to give more details about how to go about it.

Here's to another year of ponies and perhaps a few surprises to come.

Signed, your fellow writer,

- CrackedInkWell

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Congrats on nearly reaching your milestone! You're almost there, you can do it!!

As for suggestions, I'm definitely going to write in some when the time comes! (fair warning though, it's probably going to be a request for Gallbar because I love those two).

In the meantime, happy writing!

We hope you will resume work on Inverno’s opus in a minor.

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