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Who is your favorite OC that's not your own? · 3:03pm Jul 4th, 2022

Mine has to be Kate; she's adorable af.

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Luxure from the MLP fanfic, Why Bother?, in this site.

Favorite princess: Nyx
Favorite bringer of chaos: Jaded LaPerm
Favorite down to earth pony: Sour Grapes

Blank Page from Hiver orig01.deviantart.net/649c/f/2017/041/e/8/secret_of_flying_by_sipioc-dayc0ow.jpg

Although I may be a bit of his creator.

Amber Glow and Golden Lace from Krickis.

Tied between Tomato Sandwich, Swift Justice, and Fire Fight.

Starburst by Kialla97 from her Next Generation series.

Probably SIlver Quill. He's a kindred spirit :pinkiecrazy:

Svety from misunderstanding

One of these shared OCs I write with my friend NotaPonyPerson. First there's his main OC, Lady Oona Ewe:


And another OC we shaped, borrowed from her creator Alphamon_Ouryuken, named Shadow Scythe:


Outside that, I also like many of the OCs written by Calico64 for the Ranchtown series, such as Death Metal and Pearl Necklace.

Ratchette from Estee's verse.

Numeric Essence, from Applejinx's TMB-verse.

I like blackjack from fallout:equestria PH

Can't pick from Summer Solstice, Lilith, Startrail or Starline Moongazer.

I'd have to say dawn lightwing is one of my favorites, from the savage skies series. Starts with foal of the forest. I'd link it, but that's hard to do through my phone

Oh yeah Goose is great too, also great with kids

As of late it has become Jer’rahd Kaisur from the Stories in Stone series by TRD.

Calor from NavelColt's lovely series

Vavacung's young queen is my favourite. She's an adorable little badass. :heart:

PS: I'm loving that one with the hoodie. So cute! >w<

Mine is Nix from past sins

Since this question is on the fimfic website, I'm gonna go a little far afield and say Basenji--a diamond dog in the 'Twilight Sparkle of the Royal Guard' series by King of Beggars.

Shoot man, it used to be Cream Heart till she was made cannon, but now there's too many to choose from. But If I had to choose... it'd be Jade Shine
or Paintheart

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