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You fall asleep, then wake up to this: · 1:41am Jun 17th, 2022

What would you do? What would your first words be? How would you explain that you know everything about them? And why would you insist on snuggling Tempest Shadow first?

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Shake Sunset's hoof and go wherever they lead me.

While also hoping I turned into a pegasus.

"Finally, I can rest in peace."

I really like that design of Spike. So much more fitting for his look.

I am either dead, or in a Barsoon Scenario. Better play along. "Hello, do you gals mind telling me where I am?"

Say i drunk to much vodka then go on drinking more vodka and ask were my kv2 has gone to

Honestly, I'd ask if I was dreaming. Then I'd ask why was I brought her. As for explaning everything I know about them, I would only say that if we were past the final season. If we weren't I'd just explain I can't because it would be like telling past self your future and changing things.

"All right, who screwed up the summoning spell and who were you trying to reach?" Most likely cause of being in Equestria in any way. :derpytongue2:

This would be me after waking up from fainting and calming down.

Screw this I'm going back to sleep.

My first words would probably be "What the frick?" And the first thing I do would depend on whether or not I stay human. If I stay human, I would ask Discord if he could turn me into a draconequus. If not. . . I would probably still ask Discord if he could turn me into a draconequus, but it would be a less urgent concern. :derpytongue2:

PS: If anypony, I would insist on snuggling Discord first. :raritywink:

"Where's Celestia?"

"oh please tell me I still have thumbs"

I would thank everypony and tell them that I’m finally home.

If I woke up in proper physical condition.... the story would definitely have a 'M' rating on here. As for why I would snuggle Tempest first... she deserves all the snuggles, as do all ponies.

I would immediately blame Towlie. Then if it wasn’t a hallucination demand that Discord/Q or whatever he is calling himself to explain why he did this to me. At any rate I would explain a bit about multiverse theory and why it is bull crud. As for Tempest I would expect her to be the most reasonable about this whole thing, then Sunset.

What I would do: check if I'm still in my own body or if I changed species...or anything else
First words: either cheering or bemoaning the results of said check
Explain knowing everything: tell Sunset that their world is a TV show and several movies in my world, and either the result of infinite improbability or Discord playing a prank of some sort
Why Tempest first: Because she is suffering a snuggle shortage based on her backstory, so she needs them. Also, she looks adorably snuggly

"Well, I'm dead because this must be heaven."

"Praise the sun! A better dawn awaits me!"
then explain someone made them into a show that helped people (or ponies depending on morphological status) like me live more colourful lives.
As for the tempest snuggles.... why explain! explaining takes time away from tempest snuggles!

TBH. A lot of panicked screaming, followed by the realization that I’ve actually gone mad and am no longer able to discern reality from fiction (whether or not it were true).

or able to discern reality from fimfiction. Ah? Ah? Ah?

Okay, I'll show myself out.

Close I wouldn't call it heaven but I would be asking how am I here, and why am I here instead of the disaster that now was my life

It might be introvert in me talking, but I would be extremely uncomfortable with suddenly realizing that so many creatures are staring at me. Especially creatures I would like to make good impression with.

first of all I would think; I got really drunk, or it's the strangest dream I've ever had XD. it might be strange that I said what are you ?.
And about snuggling Tempest. well she is cute and pretty
P.S nice drawing, vote 9/10

I'd look at all of them, promptly say "Excuse me, I just need to see if Luna is messing with me." And then slap myself across the face. "Nope? Not some weird dream? ....Discord you mother FU-"

And as for Tempest, she's the most likely not to look at me like some lost puppy when I finally get around to explaining what was going on.

"What the F:yay:"
And Tempest is the best one for snuggling because she's the biggest, we're clearly before giraffe-icorn Twi here.

Say nothing, do nothing but hug from the closest out and start pondering what can a poor human to do for a living in the magical land of friendship lasers and magical ponies

I'll answer the first 2
1: look at everything in my vicinity and the proceed to pass out do to have meeting them all for real
& 2: wake up and say WTF and proceed to contemplate why & how this happened
in that precise order.
This is not a bad thing, just a reaction of how I'd react.

i would literally ask how I got here and check to see if I'm still human. if so, then proceed to ask where is discord celestia and luna then start asking for hugs

Before I answer the questions, Abyss, I must know who this artist is! Why am I not following them??

What do I do? Stare awkwardly for a long time before finding my voice.

What do I say? "Hello, uh, how did I get here?"

For the third question, I'd be too shy to give them any impression that I know who they are until after that would make sense anyway. Not to mention, Sunset shouldn't be there either, so clearly I don't know everything.

Lastly, I can only hope she'd be down for that.


I would give Discord an USB Stick with the last season of Picard, so he know what to do when the time is coming.
Also I would tell them all I know about G5, so they know that all the hard work and all the relationships and adventure are pure apeshit from a future Perspective... and maybe, just maybe this will be enough to prevent what is coming toward them... or maybe this will just start the events I tried to escape.

Also I would settle in and write down all the smut stories I know about them :D

Discord is in the background with Trixie :D

(Please don't hate me for being honest)

I were take and shake Sunset Shimmer's hoof.

Introduce myself and get to know them.

And finally, gather up my courage and ask Spike out on a date and hope he says yes.

So you're saying you wouldn't want to see best pones?

True, but your presence there would have already affected their future's timeline.

Lol. It'd be kinda awkward standing there looking like that with all those happy pones smiling at you.

I didn't even think about that haha


Why Tempest first: Because she is suffering a snuggle shortage based on her backstory, so she needs them. Also, she looks adorably snuggly


Thank you sir

"Five more minutes, please."
*lays back down*

Thx haha I just saw that now my eyes must be terrible😅

no, I'd just automatically assume I've starting going crazy again, cause that would make more sense.

I would most likely feint, and when I woke up I would hug Twilight while crying and saying I finally made it.

Well if I were to ever wake up with them all around me I would mentally be freaking out while on the outside greeting each and everyone of them. I wouldn't say shit about me knowing who they were and I would snuggle the fuck out of Tempest Shadow

Shrug shoulders, shit happens

Wonder why I fell asleep while trying to think of an answer to this post and why my computer didn't go to sleep.

If I found out it was real it would depend if it was exactly this or a realistic version of this.

If it's exactly like this I would want to know who signed my eyeball backwards and how they did it.

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