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Steven Universe At The Creek Chapter 5 Budgerigar Mission · 7:47pm June 6th

At Pasta La Vista, Bernard and Alexis had been working ever since they arrived earlier. After Bernard receives a text from Steven, he’s looking forward to showing what he does for a living as long as he gives him a tour of the neighborhood afterwards.

“You think Steven will enjoy my Alexis Special?” Alexis asked. “I promise I’ve made it much better.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll convince him to drink it.” Bernard cleaning the tables. “It’s just the food I’m worrying about.”

As Alexis kept an eye on the entrance of the restaurant, Bernard went to the next table to wash it. “Last night’s movie was a good choice for him. Do you wish he would move here at some point?”

“I guess, but it still depends if he liked the neighborhood.” He sprayed the table with clean water while wiping it down with a cloth. “If he did decide to live here, it would take time for me to get used to him. Like I found him really respectful last night, especially how he handles my brother, but when it comes to finding a job, I’m not sure if he’s willing to have this job.”

“You never know, but at the same time I hope he enjoys the food here.”

“Everyone’s a critic, even nice people like him.”

Outside of the restaurant, Steven arrived after leaving the library. He entered through the front door, with the rang from the doorbell getting Bernard's attention. As Steven looked at the restaurant itself, he didn’t expect much after the many restaurants he took during his trip.

“You’re here, welcome to Pasta La Vista.” Bernard walked up to Steven.

“Nice uniforms by the way.” He replied. “Do you think it’s okay that you give me a tour by walking once you’re done?”

“That’s fine, I can give you a map of the neighborhood if you catch on everything.”

“Don’t worry, I can catch on with navigating.”

“Good. Take a seat while I’ll give you the menu.”

As Steven sat down by the table, Bernard headed to the back to find the copies of food menus. Alexis soon placed her Alexis Special in front of Steven. “While you’re waiting, can you try my Alexis Special?” She smiled. “It's one of a kind, and improved.”

Steven looked at the cup itself, he did remember having beverages in the past, but when it comes to homemade from employees, he’s mostly unsure of the idea. “I'll take a drink of it later, I’m not thirsty at the moment.” He turned to Alexis.

“That’s fine, I just hope you would take a sip of it.”

“Be patient, like what I’m doing right now.”

Outside of the restaurant, Craig, J.P., Kelsey, and her pet Mortimer arrived after finishing at the Library. “So, you’re assisting that when Steven comes into the bathroom, Mortimor’s gonna flow in his shirt so you can take a picture from your phone?” Kelsey replied. “I don’t want Mortimor to get hurt, this is a risky plan.”

“I promise he’ll be fine.” Craig turned to Kelsey. “Besides Mortimer, Steven, and I are allowed in the boy’s bathroom.”

“And I’ll make sure that Steven will go to the bathroom by any means necessary!” J.P. added.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Kelsey stopped her two friends. “Do you even think your brother would accept this? You don’t have any money.”

Craig could believe the only way to convince Bernard is to eat and pay for the food at the restaurant, but he’s not getting back at his brother, especially how this job means to him. “You can help J.P. to distant him while I’ll sneak into the boy’s bathroom.”

Before heading inside, Kelsey took the time to reflect on Craig’s strategy. She’s still impressed with Steven’s inspiration, but she’s not willing to harm him even by having her pet bothering him. On the other hand, she still wants to know what’s underneath his shirt with proof.

“Please make sure he doesn’t get a concussion?” She handed Mortimer to Craig.

“I’ll make sure of it.” He borrowed the bird.

Craig looked through the window, keeping an eye on his brother who just got into the bathroom. He opened the door, with the sound of the doorbell rang, Steven immediately looked at the front door.

Soon enough, Craig and his friends manage to hide behind one of the plant pots. “That’s odd.” He turned around as he finally took a sip of Alexis’s special.

Craig did the best of his skills to sneak to the other side of the restaurant. His friends checked in all of their surroundings in case they didn't get caught by Alexis. Soon they hid behind the final pot next to the restrooms.

“Okay, so once my brother comes out, I’ll come in while you distract him.” He whispered.

“Your brother is still in the bathroom.” Kelsey whispered back. “Besides there’s no way Steven’s gonna come in if it’s in an emergency.”

“Yeah, didn’t think that through.” J.P. added.

Just when they’re in a predicament of no return, Craig then sees the beverage Steven is drinking. It gave him an idea, if Steven can’t use the bathroom, he could still use the sink. He whispered into Kelsey and J.P.’s ear on their plan. Then Bernard came out of the bathroom, as Craig and his friends lowered their bodies, Bernard walked past, heading straight to Steven’s table.

“So you have made your choice?” He asked.

“I’ll just have a few bread sticks and a salad.” He handed the menu back to Bernard. “By the way, did you hear the doorbell ring?”

This only made Bernard roll his eyes, while Craig started to sweat. “We're gonna be caught!” J.P. commented.

“Uhhh, it’s just those old pranks from those eighth graders.” Bernard retorted. “Believe me, you have no idea how many times they’ve kept pulling those pranks.”

Craig took a deep breath in relief, lucky enough he got away with it for now. “Okay, I’m heading straight to the bathroom.” Without wasting any time, he sneaks inside the boy’s restrooms with Mortimer.

“Does this happen everyday?” Steven wondered.

“Pretty much, I can’t remember the last time in one day it didn’t happen.” Bernard said. “Your order will be done momentarily.” As he heads to the back with the menu, Steven as always waits for his food.

Both Kelsey and J.P. went out of the open, exposing themselves to proceed with their plan. “J.P.? Kelsey?” Steven took notice. “You finished your book cover already?”

“Yes we did.” Kelsey smiled.

This only caused Steven to look at the front door again. “Were you two the ones sneaking in here?” He turned back to the kids.

“Ummm…that’s a good beverage you have there.” J.P. changing the subject.

“Excuse me?” Steven raised an eyebrow. “Can you please tell me why you’re here?”
Kelsey refuses to tell the truth to protect Craig’s plan while J.P. grabs the beverage. “Why aren’t you answering my question?”

“Because I wanted to taste this!” Before J.P. would take a sip, Kelsey bumped into him, causing the beverage to splash onto Steven’s shirt. “Kelsey!”

“My shirt!” Steven backed away only to bumped into his chair. He took the beverage from J.P. while placing it back on the table. “You know, I would say that drinking someone else's drink is unacceptable, but…” He then took a deep breath, keeping himself under control. “...I don’t expect every neighborhood to be perfect. Please don’t take someone else’s drink.”

“Yeah, sorry I just like the beverages here.”

“We all like the beverages.” Kelsey added.

“Not surprised by that.” Steven headed straight to the bathroom while Kelsey and J.P. hid behind the other flower pots.

“You know we could just leave until Craig comes out.” J.P. replied.

“We would but what if someone hears the doorbell?” She pointed at the front door.

“Ohh…Craig didn’t think this through.”

“And I doubt his brother won’t see this.”

Inside the boy’s restroom, Craig hid himself while sitting on one of the toilets. He holds onto Mortimer, waiting for the right moment until it comes. Then he heard the restroom’s door pushed open, he looked under the stall to see Steven’s feet. It was his cue to place Kelsey’s bird on the ground, he turned on his phone, prepared to take a picture of Steven’s belly.

Steven took some paper towels and soaked them with water from the sink. As he wiped them on his shirt, Mortimer hoped his way behind Steven from a few feet. Craig slowly opened the bathroom door, while holding onto his phone, slowly making his way to take his picture at the right moment.

Just when Steven threw the paper towels away, he turned around as Mortimer flew in the air, catching his attention. “Wow! A bird.” He reacted while Mortimor landed on his hand. “How did you get in here little fella?” He checked around only to notice no windows in the restrooms. “Seems Bernard didn’t check the bathroom before opening.” Just when he heads straight out the door, Mortimer immediately flows out of his hand, thus flying inside his shirt. “Ahh!”

Mortimer flowed underneath the bottom of Steven’s shirt, he then pulled on it which was the cue for Craig to come out to take the picture. Unfortunately, Steven moved to the sink, trying to get the bird out of his shirt. While Craig moved back, he laid down on the ground to take the picture, while making sure Steven didn’t spot him. But then Bernard came in, after hearing pounding from the back.

“Craig!?” He reacted which caused Steven to turn around as Mortimer flew out.

Craig then took a picture just before Steven’s shirt came down. “Bernard!” He reacted upon standing up while putting his phone away.

“What are you doing here!?” This only caused Bernard’s memory to come back to him. “You were the one who opened the front door and sneaked in!?”

“You were?” Steven exclaimed, getting the feathers out of his shirt. “Wait, that would mean his friends did sneak in here.”

“What!?” Bernard soon got out of the restrooms to spot Craig’s friends hiding behind the flower pots. “Get away from that!” Soon Kelsey and J.P. got out in the open, caught without any way to escape. “Craig, you could’ve broken something and I’ll end up paying for it.” As Steven came out of the bathroom, Mortimer flew back onto Kelsey’s head. “Okay, you three are banned here for the day.” As Bernard grabbed his brother’s arm, Craig, Kelsey, and J.P. got kicked out of Pasta La Vista.

“Bernard, we didn’t mean to-”

“Zip it Craig!” Bernard shouted back. “Everything would’ve been fine if you didn’t sneak in here. Do you even have any money?”

Craig lowered his head. “No.”

Bernard signed as he closed the door. “I’m sorry about my brother, I didn’t think he was going to do that.” As Steven took the last feather out of the inside of his shirt, he straightened his shirt. “What happened to your shirt?”

“I had to wipe it with water because your brother’s friends splashed my beverage on me.” Steven answered.

“Why am I not surprised by that?” Bernard looked up at the ceiling. “This is what I was talking about yesterday.”

“He’s just a kid.”

“Did you even notice what he was doing in the bathroom?”

“I didn’t see what he was doing until you came in.”

“Not to mention he took a picture of you. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of this once I’m done giving you a tour of the neighborhood.” As Bernard headed to the back, Steven didn’t head back to his table. He looked straight at Craig and his friends outside the window with a straight face after what happened.

As Kelsey checked Mortimer from all sides of his body, Craig took out his phone. “Did you take the picture?” J.P. asked.

“Yes but…” When he pulled up the photo, he zoomed in on Steven’s body only to see bits of Steven’s belly button. “I didn’t get the whole thing.”

When Kelsey looks at the picture itself, despite the blur, she notices the shape of the object. “I think it looks like a pinkish orb.” She replied.

“If it was an orb, it would’ve been sticking out but it’s not.”

“It’s almost like a button in a belly button.” J.P. commented.

“But I doubt he’s a robot, there’s gotta be more than that.” Craig tries to come up with another plan but for the time being, he and his friends are banned from the restaurant. “I think that pinkish thing has to do something with Steven’s…Steven’s…”

“Steven’s what!?” Both Kelsey and J.P. replied.

“I don’t know!” Craig took a deep breath to calm himself down. “Let’s just leave.”

As Kelsey and J.P. walked past their best friend, Craig looked at Steven who’s still staring at him. He wasn’t mad, but still gave him the same straight look while noticing his phone. Craig didn’t move a muscle, giving Steven the same look he’s giving. He knows he doesn’t have much time to stick around, but he’s never going to let it go from his mind. The object inside Steven’s shirt means more if his life’s that different than his.

“Steven!” Bernard called as he placed the food on Steven’s table. “Your order is here.” Upon hearing the call, Steven headed back to his table, while Craig followed his friends.

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