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My Little Pony Tell Your Tale Episode 11 Review 06/02/2022 · 5:15pm Jun 3rd, 2022

Poor Bambi… why did his mother have to die…

Yeah, she’s going to need a minute… please continue…

GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! Following last week’s release of Make Your Mark’s first special, a spoiler-free review was brought upon my faithful followers giving my own ‘two’ cents of the video (And a chance to hear each fan’s initial reception of the video itself). A ‘spoiler’ review is currently in development at this time, and while I said it be set for this coming week, it might take me a little time until I can confidently have it just right…

He doesn’t have enough ‘pictures’ to cover his wall of text…


Does he hear himself when he talks?

*Sighs in frustration* Anyways… while preparing our initial discussion for ‘Make Your Mark’, we return our attention to the ‘Tell Your Tale’ series. Around the same time ‘Make Your Mark’ made its Netflix debut, the YouTube series also released an episode of which took place following the hour-long special. And in case the opening picture didn’t give it away, we once more have some animation primarily focused on the ‘Princess of Pop’ herself, Pipp Petals.

Technically, the title ‘Princess of Pop’ goes to Britney Spears, who clearly…

*Clears throat* Apologies about that… anyways, without any further interruption, we proceed to have a look at the episode titled:

Maretime Bay Day 2.0

The episode begins with Pipp Petals going over a series of pictures and videos she captured from ‘Maretime Bay Day’.

Almost got it… almost got it…



Aw… don’t you just love ‘epic fail’ videos?

To keep you lot up to speed without spoiling too much, ‘Maretime Bay Day’ is considered a forgotten celebration of friendship and magic. We’re talking fashion shows, corralling animals, and all sorts of fun for every pony. Or at least when some pony isn’t trying to spoil the celebration…


Yeah, a little side note… he plays somewhat of a role in that ‘video game’ that just came out. I’d watch the playthroughs just to get an idea..

*Clears throat* Anyways… while this celebration has been covered several times, both in the aforementioned game and the ‘Make Your Mark’ special, we are reintroduced to this event in some form as Pipp prepares to compile some highlights of the event for her online blog.

And I haven’t even begun to show the ‘best’ parts…

I wonder if this mane tastes as good as it looks.


So minion, what do you want to do tonight?

I don’t know; eat you for supper…



So far… that’s my ‘favorite’ episode…

Now I’m going to be one to admit, when I first saw this episode, I immediately thought we were going to have one of those scenarios in which Pipp ends up posting embarrassing videos and/or photos of her friends without permission. Ergo, to grant audiences a lesson about one of the consequences through use of social media: To never post material of someone unless they give the okay, and in turn how it feels to be in their place. Unfortunately… this wasn’t that kind of episode.

You ‘wish’ I’d face consequences for social media…

But instead… we have Izzy Moonbow trying to help out with Pipp’s little project... without permission.

There’re so many juicy stories for this blog…


Love is a yummy smore! Love is a yummy smore (smore!)!

Highway to the danger zone!

Izzy, what did you put in that pizza?!?!


Must… have… cake!

So put your hooves up! Put your hooves up! Everything is gonna be okay!

*BOOP!* Files in trash…


And this is why we ‘never’ put Izzy near a laptop… one, she gets too overexcited. And B… she’s clearly not tech-savvy.

It’s okay. I’ll just push the reset button and…

*BOOP!* All files ‘permanently’ deleted…


*Groans* And this right here is what ‘almost’ makes fans dislike Izzy…

What do people say about me?

Not ‘you’, Izzy! I meant—urgh! Let’s move on! *Straightens up* Now, don’t get me wrong! I still find Izzy to be a fan favorite of the series. What with her optimistic personality, constantly fascinated by everything, and she ‘is’ a barrel of fun… which is what almost makes her another ‘Pinkie Pie’. She jumps right into some activity without thinking what’ll happen next and suddenly… her best friend’s work is completely gone.

I ‘really’ want to say something harsh… but it’s not child friendly.

Naturally Izzy tries to apologize for her carelessness, yet Pipp brushes it off and resigns herself to wait for next year’s Maretime Bay Day. You know… that moment when you say everything is ‘just fine’ when anyone can clearly see how heartbroken you are.

And believe it or not… this was just the first few minutes that make up the entire episode.

It was in that moment, Izzy realized… she REALLY bucked up!

For the rest of the episode, the remainder of the Mane Five do ‘everything’ they can in order cheer up their Princess friend.

Presentable… and magically delicious!

Who ordered the super-size?!?!

Hmm… looks boring.

That’s… ‘slightly’ less boring.

0:40 – 0:52

You’ve got to be kidding…

Aw Hitch… you shouldn’t have…

No seriously… you shouldn’t… ever!

Despite all their attempts to cheer her up, Pipp still laments over having lost all precious memories of the festival’s memorable moments. Unfortunately, because that would also mean ‘spoiling’ the special, I’m not at liberty to mention the ‘big’ stuff that occurred on Netflix.

*Pause* Anyways… now with their friend more despondent than ever, our heroes are really going to need to put their heads together to think up ‘some’ plan to help their friend.

Play from 0:00 to 0:12


With a few good friends, and a few still-remaining photos of the festival, Zipp and friends put together a special surprise for Pipp before she does something completely crazy…

*Pause* I honestly can't think of a good joke for this one...

Let me rephrase that… just as Pipp goes ‘completely’ crazy over a friend’s mistake, Zipp takes Pipp out to present her surprise in the Crystal Brighthouse garden.

Zipp… why can’t you just tell me instead of…


While not the same as all the pictures and videos deleted off her laptop, Pipp is overjoyed to see that Zipp, along with her friends, recreated ‘Maretime Bay Day’ straight from memory. And when I say ‘recreated’ faithful viewers, I mean just about ‘everything’…

A dessert worthy of ‘Cake Wars’!

Kettle Corn! My favorite festival snack!

And a frame of deleted scenes and bloopers from the special!

If this is a dream… don’t you DARE wake me up!

Seeing how all of her friends, especially Izzy, worked so hard to recreate this event hoping she can get more photos… instead Pipp decides to settle with just spending this time with her friends rather than retaking her deleted photos and videos. In a sense, I can relate to this decision. While I am guilty of wanting to take photos and videos wherever I travel, like my trip to Italy for example, sometimes just to ‘experience’ the land itself feels way more satisfying than what could be described in pictures or words. While it’s true Izzy ‘did’ screw up, touching a friend’s computer when she wasn’t supposed to, in the end the actual experience of the event is much more memorable.

Overall, this turned out to be a fun little, short to follow up the events of ‘Make Your Mark’. While the episode unintentionally makes Izzy Moonbow pull a ‘Spike’ moment in unintentionally causing a problem and the theme of the episode wasn’t ‘quite’ what most of us were expecting, how they ultimately pull off the short in the end still makes it a worthwhile watch. While it does have its laugh, it shows the heart in reminding us how the best experiences cannot simply be found through a picture or video alone. And to see a friend go to great lengths to amend for their mistake by recreating an event their companion went through, in a way the action alone speaks more volumes than an apology could. It’s definitely a fun episode to watch and I recommend it for anyone after they’ve had a taste of what ‘Make Your Mark’ has to offer.

But now the bigger question remains: What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829 saying… KICK IT, PIPP!!!

Comments ( 10 )

I thought it was good. Though it's shocking one simple click can erase everything, when normally you have to select everything and then delete. Plus usually when something's deleted you can reclaim it from the trash icon, especially if it's recently deleted. And the group doing this for Pip reminded me when Twilight's family reenacted the shooting star she missed while on the Zeppelin.

Yeah, I wouldn't say the 'best' episode in the series. But 'good enough' in a sense. But you'd be surprise how even 'one' click can nearly wipe out everything. True, you 'can' reclaim your items by clicking the trash icon. But once you hit 'delete items' in that trash bin... it's all gone. Everything you've put on is erased into a billion pieces. Just as it was explained in that 'Jimmy Neutron' episode.

Anyways, parts of this episode did scream Twilight's time missing those shooting stars during that Zeppelin trip. The only difference is that Pipp didn't scream in Izzy's face out of frustration because 'that' would've made it tough to find Pipp likeable. But just for her friends to go through all the trouble to do this in an initial effort for the princess to retake new photos and videos, that just goes to show what true friendship means.

But in the end, experiencing these memories is in a way much better than ensuring you have all the photos and videos of your trip. Though I 'personally' took plenty of pics during my time in Italy.

got admit it was cute episode.......but MAYBE we should keep izzy away from electronics

now that i think of it i wonder what would happen if we let Izzy any where near a warp core


Offscreen: Deep breaths, Drama... deep breaths...

*Takes a deep breath* Yes... it was a cute episode overall. But if this episode has taught us anything: Izzy Moonbow and computers do not mix.

*Frowns in annoyance* That's the dumbest question I've ever heard in my life. We all 'know' what'll happen.

Comment posted by BestinDworld deleted Jun 3rd, 2022
Comment posted by Dramamaster829 deleted Jun 6th, 2022

Wonderful blog Drama, my favorite part of this episode was when the flower ate Posey lol, It feels like karma, not sure if I said this before but Hitch has a huge mix of Fluttershy and AJ, that mix of innocent kindness and stubborness lol, love it, funniest episode by far, anyway stay cool, stay classy, you're awesome Drama XD

The way you describe it, sounds almost as if Applejack and Fluttershy got together and had a baby together. And if not then specifically, well you can tell some of their traits are there in some form.

As for the flower eating Posey… yeah that girl just can’t catch a break.

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