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Take That, Spammer! · 12:30am May 25th

So a funny thing happened when I posted a new story, "The Same Mistake You're Making", earlier this morning. I was suddenly hit with four downvotes before two minutes had even passed.

One isn't surprising. Four is a little off-putting. And three of them had very clearly dropped at the exact same instant.

Making it even more suspicious was the fact that the exact same thing happened an hour into the release of my last fic, "Apple Pie, a la Mode", a few days ago. I discussed this with a few other users, and they were quick to inform me I had likely been targeted by a downvote-bomber. They directed me toward one of the mods. Once the mod was able to look into the situation, he agreed and removed the offending votes from both fics.

Take. That. Stupid. Spammer.

Blech, well that was annoying. And probably makes my last blog entry pretty melodramatic in retrospect. But anyway, as mentioned, I have a new story up for the "A Thousand Words" contest! This one is another little bit of stylistic experimentation, written in second-person from Sunset's POV as she realizes what Twilight's about to do with her magic-collecting amulet (during the "Unleash the Magic" sequence of Friendship Games). It also marks my first venture into one of my favorite genres, horror, with a vivid (T-rated) depiction of Sunset's transformation from the first Equestria Girls.

I hope you give this a look, and, if you like it, perhaps an upvote. And check out "Apple Pie, a la Mode" if you haven't! As I mentioned in my last blog, in a few days I'll also be posting an anthology of my short writings for the Flashfic 150 contest. Stay tuned!

TThe Same Mistake You're Making
You are Sunset Shimmer. And as you watch Twilight open her amulet at the Friendship Games, a wave of dark memory crashes over you as you race to stop her.
EileenSaysHi · 1000 words  ·  40  3 · 599 views
TApple Pie, a la Mode
With Sunset feeling down about a date gone bad, Applejack and Pinkie Pie invite her to their ice cream date, where she asks about their relationship.
EileenSaysHi · 3.2k words  ·  25  4 · 345 views
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Perfect! I knew you were getting dislikes unfairly

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