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Best known for My Little Pony Legend crossover series. I am a Christian, graphic designer and aspiring story writer.

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The Seelie Saga: Legends of Agartha book 1 Chapter 6 · 1:14pm May 23rd

Tide was starving. Lucky for him the Andromeda Plaza wasn’t too far away. He’d grab a quick treat, maybe a veggie burrito wrapped in a kelp tortilla with undersea starfish fruit, and a smoothie to wash it down.
The plaza was an open tourist attraction for anyone swimming to and from all corners of Agartha’s oceans. Buildings were carved right into the rocks, painted with pink, purple, blue, green, and white colors that blended with the colorful coral. Bioluminescent algae and undersea crystals lit up the spiraling lampposts, with jellyfish-like lids and neon light tentacles moving back and forth with the current.
While the crystals found in the surface were often jagged and sharp with triangular or octagon edges, underwater crystals were smooth in texture due to the salt water, making them resemble seaglass than anything one would find on dry land.
Merfolk, undines, selkies, nagas, nokken, and vodnicks swam in and out of the local shops and restaurants, while others sat along the coral-shaped benches talking or texting with friends on their geodes.
Touring families arrived in fish-shaped vehicles, each one carved in the form of sharks, dolphins, or in the case of a tour buss, a whale. Along the polished sea-stone pathways merfolk swam along with their pet dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, blowfish, octopi, barracudas, and even tiny seahorses. Other came riding in on the backs of their hippocampi, sporting cowboy hats decorated with seaweed and shells.
Tide’s gills flapped, taking in the sweet aroma of steamed tortillas heated by undersea lava rocks, and chopped starfish fruit being rolled into seaweed wraps. Though he grimaced at the sight of shrimp and shark kabobs. For a vegetarian like himself, such sights made him almost lose his appetite. He gave a pass to the steamed calamari, for at least with that he could tell that the tentacles of the octopi fell off seasonally and without faerie intervention. He still refused to eat it himself, however.
He spotted a cecaelia chef blending fruits into a blender with a carved coral based. Once the fruits were properly chopped, he magically manipulated the colorful liquid our of the blender and filtered it by removing the salt-water particles and spun it into bubble-like cups with straws poking out. These cups had a similar function to a child’s sipy-cups, keeping the liquids inside so the fruity beverage wouldn’t float away and become tarnished by the salt water.
The cecaelia handed a mother and her daughter their drinks. The little one sipped her smoothie happily. Tide knew what he’d be drinking with his meal. But first, he would need a meal.
Tide whistled as he casually swam. His keen shark eyes caught sight of a male undine’s water-proof fanny-pack. Smooth as silk, he unzipped it and stopped up as many coppers as he could fit into his palm before zipping it back up and swimming away without anyone taking notice. Inconspicuously, he counted them between his fingers.
Eight coppers.
Just enough to get himself some decent eats.
He stopped by the vendor that was selling seaweed tortilla wraps. Tide ordered one with as many sea fruits as he could order and paid for it with the exact amount. His time by himself taught him how not to be wasteful with money. Stolen or otherwise.
Along with the wrap, he bought himself a smoothie. Tide took the meal to go. But just as he was about to swim off, the geode-screen of the vendor’s stand switched to a newsfeed. The scales of his tail and arms pricked with anxiety.
Reports from the Atlantis Royal Police Department,” the disembodied news anchor voice reported. “Be on the lookout for Tide Kanaloa: Prisoner #810647925. Wanted in all seven seas and seven realms. Swim-Away pickpocket, vandal, black market associate, and mer-pirate associate. Suspect may or may not be armed, we implore you to proceed with caution.
“Oh, barnacles…” Tide muttered.
The food vendor gasped when he saw the mugshot on the screen then pointed at Tide.
“Sorry, Mate. Gotta rush.” Tide gave him a salute before swimming off, forming a cloud of bubbles that temporarily blinded the vendor. He quickly reached for his geode and dialed the emergency number from the news report.
Tide quickly swam past startled bystanders, bumping into a couple of them, and snatching one or two valuables like earrings, watches, and some loose change. It didn’t take too long for the finfolk to take notice of their stolen items and started cursing at Tide to give them back.
Nothing he hadn’t heard before, but still, should they really be saying such language in front of kids?
He dismissed their complains and set his eyes on the darkness ahead, away from the luminescent lampposts. Nearby, a team of Atlantean officers riding one of their hippocampi received the report from their conch shells.
Attention all units! Escaped convict spotted near the Andromeda Plaza!
The police swam in the direction to where the perp was last seen.
Tide looked behind him and smiled, fiddling with his winnings between his fingers. Nobody was following him. He was in the clear.
“Royal Atlantian Police! Turn around and come quietly.”
Or perhaps he spoke too soon. The sound of the police conch-shells being blown motivated his tail to kick it into overdrive. With a wave of his hand, he commanded the current to scoop him up and send him rocketing toward a collection of jagged rock that vaguely resembled shark’s teeth. He could see his freedom in the cold, dark shadows. His pupils increased in size, allowing him to see in total darkness.
Tide suddenly felt the waters around him turn cold, the current wrapped around him against his control. The waters encased him in solid ice pressing his arms against his sides and leaving only his head and the ends of his tail free. The weight made his body sink to the bottom, his fins buried underneath the sand.
The police arrived. One of them, an undine with his hand raised, controlling the frozen water. The rest of the party comprised a couple of nokken and a merman.
They parted, permitting another officer to swim forward. Her hippocampus was of a creamy white color with eyes of icy blue, matching the mermaid’s eyes, which complimented her deep blue hair, pulled back in a tight bun. Not one hair was out of place.
Tide flashed her a charming grin. “Hey, Chief Pearl. You’re looking well.”
“Tide Kanaloa.” She sneered, her nose crinkling at the sight of him.
“Wow, how long has it been? Love what you did with your hair, did you get aquamarine highlights, they really suit you.”
“Can-it, fish bait!”
Her steed whinnied and whipped its head aggressively, snorting bubbles in Tide’s face.
With a snap of her fingers, Pearl formed a current around the to-go bag Tide had dropped when the ice formed around him and pulled it towards her waiting hands.
“All this for a seaweed wrap?” Tide said, “Come on, I paid for those goods fair and square. The receipt’s inside if you want evidence.”
“I doubt the money was yours when you paid for it.” Chief Pearl glared and tossed the evidence to her partner.
“Okay, you got me there.”
“Cuff ‘em.” Pearl ordered, and the rest of the officers surrounded Tide, their hippocampi snorting aggressively.
“Come on, Pearl. Let’s talk about this. We were good mates once, remember?”
“I’ve given you enough chances, kid. You want to sick the blame on someone, try looking in a mirror.”
“Ooh, ouch! Right in the heart, Pearls.” With a flick of his tail, Tide scooped up a fin-full of sand and thrust it at Pearl and her group. The hippocampi bucked their front hoof-fins, whipping their heads which caused their fin-like manes to smack their riders in the face.
The undine controlling the ice around Tide lost his focus and Tide commanded the waters to spin around him, pushing the ice off, breaking it into shards that instantly melted. With the cops blinded by the bits of sea sand, Tide commanded the waters to push him farther away, flicking his tail so fast it became a blue blur.
Once the sand cleared, Pearl shouted; “After him!” The officers lit up the luminescent pearls that adorned the reins of their steeds as they swam after Tide in the pitch-black waters.
Tide swam over and sideways around the jagged rocks, while the cops tugged on the reigns to keep their hippocampi from cutting themselves on the rocks. When the path was too narrow, the officers left their steeds behind and swam through the rocks, the glowing pearls on their police caps illuminating their path. Tide could feel the heart of the light against his back. The rocks were making it harder for him to swim fast, so he stopped and surrounded the rocks in a gelatin-like substance and he hardened it. The weight of it caused the rocks to crack and crumble, blocking the path and leaving Pearl and her officers on the other side. Tide dusted his hands and swam off as the rocks became more sparse and he was able to swim onto the other side. By the time Pearl and the other officers found their way out of the rocks, Tide was gone. Pearl slammed her tail fin against the rocks, causing it to crumble at the weight of her rage.
Tide swam towards a nearby sea cave. Inside was a pearl lantern, which he lit up, basking the cold cave in a warm glow.
“Love, I’m back. Sorry, but I may have lost your food and—AH!”
Something cold and clammy grabbed his wrist, and Tide was pulled back against the stone wall. A large undine man with bulging muscles and tattoos covering every inch of his person towered over Tide, pressing him harder against the wall.
“Oh, barnacles.” Tide groaned under his breath.
“Rotting kelp, in fact.” A secondary voice spoke. “What we were forced to hide in after you left us out to dry.”
The voice belonged to a dashing fellow with sleek coal-black hair and and he wore black guy-liner around his piercing sea-foam eyes. A thin mustache above his upper lip and a goatee that made Tide envious. He wore an old leather jacket that had seen better days. Old kelp stuck to it like a magnet and his barracuda fish-tail whipped about angrily.
The light of the pearl also revealed the rest of his group. A female Cecaelia with pierced ears, lips, and eyebrow. A half-gorgon vodnik with dreadlocks that moved around like tentacles, and of course the big fella who was already pounding his fists together, chuckling malevolently.
“Captain Kai! Long time no see.” Tide greeted. “Venus, love the tentacle extensions. Really makes your piercings stand out. Veins, old buddy, did you use that conditioner I suggested? Mm! Works for you. Almost looks like you want to strangle me, heh-heh. And Urchin… how’s—”
Tide froze when he saw Urchin grab a rock above Tide’s head and crushed it to dust with his grip.
“Ooh, that’s right. You guys hate me.”
Captain Kai chuckled, flipping his hair as tough as he was posing for a magazine cover. “Hate you? My boy, we’re only here to discuss a matter of utmost importance.” His chipper attitude quickly fizzled away, and he glared threateningly. “Like what you owe us.”
Urchin poked Tide’s chest, pushing him against the cold rock wall. “We had a deal, Kanaloa!”
Venus grabbed him by his shirt, hissing at his face. “You left us out to dry!”
Veins had his living dreadlocks wrap around Tide’s neck, nearly choking him. “We not only lost the goods, but now we’re on the run. Again!”
“Don’t you mean ‘on the swim’?” Tide said, figthing back a cough. Kai quickly pulled him away from Veins, allowing him to breath again. Though, he wondered for how much longer.
“Now, now, fellas. Let’s not be too hasty.” Kai yanked Tide’s hair, forcing him to stare directly at him. “I’m sure you had a perfectly good reason for bailing on us like that, Mate. But good news, I know how you can make it up to us.”
Once he let go, Tide reeled back, rubbing his head, his skull arching underneath his skin. The rest of the crew gained up on him, forcing Tide to back up against the cave wall. The pearl lantern nestled on a rock, casting horrific shadows on the crew’s faces. Urchin pounded his fists together, Vein’s dreadlocks rose up to form the shape of a massive tidal wave, and Venus hissed with her her tentacles snapping like whips underwater.
“So listen, ever heard of a little something called as the Pascal Festival?” Kai asked, squeezing himself in between Urchin and Veins.
“I might have heard it in passing.” Tide said, his tail flicking left and right.
“Me and the crew were planing on checking it out. Maybe snatch a couple of things that catch our eye, if you know what I mean.”
“Always.” Tide rolled his eyes. “You guys aren’t very subtle.”
“No, that’s more your area of experience. Hence why we’re personally inviting you to join us.”
“Oh, wow. That’s very thoughtful of you, Captain. But, I’m not really a big fan of those hoity-toity parties. Besides, I’ve got my hands full with something other matters. Thanks anyway.” Tide tried to swim away but was blocked.
“We thought you might say that.” Kai snapped his fingers and before Tide could even so much as flinch, Veins wrapped his dreadlocks around Tide’s wrists. Something both cold and hot scorched his skin.
“GAH!!” Tide pulled away once Veins let him go, but the hot-cold sensation lingered for a couple more seconds until it settled. He felt as though the wind had been knocked out of him. He gasped and his hands trembled at the sight of two iron cuffs on his wrists. The water around him evaporated into mist.
“Sky iron.” Kai said, smugly folding his arms and lifting his chin up.
“Yeah, I know what it is!” Tide snapped.
“Watch your tounge.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. Little hard screech quietly when your skin is literally burning! How did you even get these?”
“A little parting gift we got from our old friends at the police station. Anyway, if you behave like a good little fish you’ll be out of those in no-time.”
Tide scoffed, “Please. I’ve been in worse spots than this. Is this really the best you’ve got?”
“Oh, on the contrary.” Kai held up the pearl lantern and held it up to light up the very back of the cave, where more of his crew snickered as Tide watched helplessly at what they had managed to capture.
A whimpering roar made Tide freeze.
“How did you—“
“Next time you want to keep old compatriots from finding you, you might not want to drag around some dead weight.” Kai smiled wickedly, hovering above Tide’s. “Oh, we wouldn’t want that. Now would we, Mate?”
Tide clenched his shark-like teeth, sucked in his lips and flew on his lips, releasing a cloud of bubbles. “Fine.” He said. “I’ll do what you want, just don’t—“
“Oh, I won’t. So long as you cooperate. Oh, and one more thing. Urchin, if you please.”
Urchin commanded the waters around Tide to snatch the conch-shell from his vest pocket. Tide tried reaching for it, but Urchin snatched it in his meaty hands before handing it to Kai.
“Hey!” Tide tried grabbing it but Urchin held him in place.
“No tricks this time. You won’t get the best of me again, Kanaloa.”
Tide swallowed, his tail curling inwards. With nowhere to swim, realizing he was stuck, a sigh escaped Tide’s lips as he bent his head down in defeat.
“I’m guessing I don’t have much of a choice here.”
Kai snickered. “That’s a good little fish.”

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And it seems Tide has got some trouble with some form of malicious gang of pirates. Whatever he did to really mess with these guys, now he's in-debt to them. It will be interesting just to see how long he can keep this up and where his morals truly stand.

I can't wait to see where Tide goes with his morals in future chapters. By the way, is Chief Pearl inspired by Lin Beifong?

Yeah, lol. Just noticed the inspiration between the two *cheeky grin*

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