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ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking at the future via Lilrq28 · 6:28pm May 21st, 2022

-Hello, my name is Lil Nori otherwise known as Lilrq28 on Fimfiction, and I am the co-writer of the Blueblood based fanfic along with CrackedInkWell.

Now I’m going to steal his account for a moment of your time, and tell you about how things are going and what future plans will be in the 2nd half of 2022.

Firstly, it is important that I thank all of you who are enjoying the fanfic thus far, and we are thankful for the readers who stood with us all the way through. Don’t worry, the story is still in development and it’s far from over, but work has been kicking my ass recently. Thus I’m only gonna be available whenever there isn’t much work left.

Secondly, during my recent work week, I started thinking that we should collaborate again with a character that we haven’t used before. The character is named Hoity Toity, and just upon hearing that name, I’m sure you barely remember him. In later summer, we’re going to distribute the new story based on the life of Hoity Toity since moving into Canterlot, from his teenage years into his Adulthood. There’ll be 4 Acts covering it all, and like the Blueblood fanfic, it’s going to be long.

Thirdly, CONTENT WARNING! The story will contain themes that you shouldn’t let your younger brother/sister/cousin be exposed to. There’ll be mature themes such as homophobic, sexual content, homophobic slurs, and consensual sex between Hoity and Whomever he has sex with. Unlike the Blueblood story, the sex scenes are in full, so read at your own risk, definitely do not read them if you’re somehow not in the safety of your own home. With that, my job of explaining all of this is done.

And again, we appreciate each and every one of you!

With Love,
Lil Nori.

Note: Before you ask, I did give Lilrq28 permission to post this on my blog post. - CrackedInkWell

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Looking forward to reading it then, good luck

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