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Welcome to FIM to me! · 2:00pm Dec 11th, 2012

Hello fellow written word enthusiasts!

I've been writing pony fiction since the days long before G4, and at urging from a few of my friends, I've started bringing over my brony era fiction to FIM, starting with my earliest work, Campfire Stories. I'm very proud of this work, produced first on /co/ then posted to EqD back in February of 2011. At the time, shipping fiction was roundly despised by Seth and I was gratified that he both posted this and this earned a place in many people's heart as the piece of shipping fiction they liked. It gained a 5 star rating.

But there was a lot of concerns about my grammar (it's pretty loathesome) so I got a good friend who's an accomplished writer to proofread and edit the piece, and with his and my updates for language and clarity I've brought it to FIMfiction finally.

I have a few other pieces to get edited, so I am looking for proofreaders/editors. If you're up to it, please let me know (Double Dash, my proofreading friend, is very busy with school so I don't want to rely only on him). If you read the Canterlot forums, you might remember the next piece I want to get cleaned up, Hush now, Quiet now, a Nightmare Night ghost story written for a contest there.

Thanks for readings, faving, and watching!

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Hi there,

Late comment is late, but did you get any responses to this?


Nope I did not. As it is I'm fluttering between doing two NEW fics, if I get anywhere with them aid would be needed

I could lend you an extra pair of eyes If you'd like, not much of a grammar person though.

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