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Song of the Week · 12:48pm May 11th

Hey everyone, it's time for Song of the Week. Music Access!

Comments ( 18 )

Ah, I love that song. Brought back so much good memories.

Even two awesome Power Ranger team-ups with both Time Force and every single Red Ranger in history.

:eeyup:, before Ninja Storm and others came along.

You think Gasket and his wife are alive?

Not sure, they didn't say much on the fandom.

Man, this season introduce 1 of my all time favorite character of all time.

I remember watching the entire season on the many VHS tapes that were released. This was one of the Power Rangers series that I watched growing up.

Respect. Mystic Force for me

The first Power Rangers I saw.

Cool. Have we met?

Yes, I was Benoit The Forbidden One, but now I am Rebel Heart.

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