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    Skyrim: Imperials or Stormcloaks?

    I love that there is a 9-year old thread on r/Skyrim that is still getting replies every few days.

    A thread that simply asks the player's choice of faction in the game's civil war quest line, and why?

    Having played both factions, I've generally leaned towards siding with the Imperials.

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  • Tuesday
    Anyone for a Cursed Halo stream later in the week?

    Modder InfernoPlus put out Cursed Halo 2.0 after a charity stream last week, with some changes, and the mod works with Master Chief Collection.

    Would anyone be up for watching a stream of that later in the week?

    Let me know, and I'll clear one of my upcoming evenings.

    Pfft, like any of my evenings need clearing...

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  • Friday
    Tell Your Tale: Neighfever

    Is it just me, or was this episode's solution absolutely gross?

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  • 1 week
    To backlog or not to backlog?

    Me: Alright, not gonna buy anything during this year's Steam Summer Sale. I've got enough of a backlog. Maybe I'll clear some of that out in between bouts of writing, since I'm taking a break from SWTOR.

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  • 1 week
    Well, this has been quite a shitfest of a day, hasn't it?

    I'll try to keep this brief, as I know most of you don't come to my page for political bullshit, and I do take pride in keeping myself down to 2-3 political outbursts a year, and saving the rest of that nonsense for Letters.

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Next chapter of Sunrise has been started. · 12:55am May 5th

I know a common criticism of my chapters of Forgotten: Sunrise is the length of the chapters.

After taking a week off of MLP to put out a 5k-word chapter for one of my Sonic stories, I figure I'll try to do the same for the next chapter of Sunrise, as long as it's not dull, but rather interesting and fluffy.

No promises.

Just wanted to give everypony an update.

Report milesprower06 · 133 views · Story: Forgotten: Sunrise ·
Comments ( 3 )
PiMan #1 · May 5th · · ·

Eh, nothing wrong with shorter chapters, in my eyes.

I'm fine with short chapters but alrighty.

I'm fine either way. if you're more comfortable with shorter chapters, that's cool. If you want longer chapters as well, that's your business.

All that's important is that 1. It's your choice one way or the other. and 2. Quality over speed and quantity.

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