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Happy 20th (my gods) Anniversary "Spider Man (2002)" · 4:59pm May 3rd

Original Release Date: May 3rd, 2002
(Yeah I know....completely nuts!?!?!)

⬆️ OG trailer

Of course I had to include some of the most iconic scenes from this movie here! I feel they need no introduction (man, do I hope this comes on tv today)!

Say what you want about Iron Man technically starting the MCU. However without Sam Rami's Spider Man, there wouldn't BE the influx of Superhero movies in the 2000s and 2010s! Besides, this was the first of the long standing tradition of, the late Stan Lee's cameos in marvel movies! Didn't matter if it was for Sony or Disney, he'd cameo in (nearly) all of them until a little after his death in 2018. Anyways, to wrap this up, cheers for 20 years! Now I'm gonna check the tv guide and see if this is actually coming on today.

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i grew up to the sam rami spider man till my dvd disk of the first movie was scratched up from watching it so much lol

I had it on VHS tape. It still works to this day!

Purely because, for some reason, we kept our (at times ONLY form of) best form of entertainment running smoothly for the last....20+ years.

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