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Finally Have a Home · 9:25pm May 2nd

Feels good to live again.

Report B_25 · 207 views ·
Comments ( 20 )

Dude, this is lovely! Grats!

Congratulations! And what a lovely home you have.

Congrats on the new home! Looks very spacious.

Ooooo, noice!
Beautiful place, B!
Many congrats on your new home!
Love those floors!

Barbarity #6 · May 2nd · · 1 ·

I'm glad you got it. Congratulations.

That is awesome!

Autopony23 #8 · May 2nd · · 1 ·

Looks dope man. Enjoy

Congratulations man

Ayy congrats bro! Homie got the drip

Mans got a better house than me, and he got it in less than a year

X 865 #12 · May 3rd · · ·

Mighty fine looking place. Now to find something that nice for myself, lol

Good for you! Plenty of space to fill with new memories :)

Huk #15 · May 3rd · · ·

Looks pretty neat :ajsmug:

Well congratulations and glad things are getting better

Well done man, glad you're doing well again. :twilightsmile:

Live well my friend :heart:

Well done! I hope you're very proud.

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