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First time of writing my own stories on here since the first episode of my little pony friendship is magic.

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    Hey there my fellow viewers, readers, followers, and authors. I'm still good and had to endure some crap over here at my home. Anyways, let me tell you all on a couple of good news here. Firstly though, I'll be working on one chapter, two, or three before the end of June since I'm sure that many of you are wanting to know on what happens next into my stories & chapters. Not going to say on which

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    It's my birthday today in April!

    Hey guys, it's my birthday today!

    In honor of my day and the 300 followers of mine, I've decided to publish a special story crossover today.

    Please, feel free to leave a comment in my story and tell me of what do you think.

    Have a nice!

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Birthday + update. · 2:22am May 1st, 2022

It's my birthday people. In honor of celebrating it, I wrote a new story of a crossover Anon-A-Miss and Union Academy. Of course, there's going to be some chaos and disharmony like Discord would say. I only got that idea for some months ago when I didn't see any AAM crossover with Union Academy. For those who don't know about UA, I won't put in any spoilers. I'm only going to say that Union Academy has heroes, teachers, and headmasters from RWBY, Highschool DxD, and Boku no hero Academia aka My Hero Academia. If any people haven't seen these three series yet, I recommend you to go watch them.

Anyway, I have an update about my life. I'm still writing on/off with or without internet connection, good thing I can write offline. Since my grandma's passing a month ago, my mom's moving things of either taking them into the trash for pick up or moving them to another location. Plus, there's been some torn trust relations with some of our family members and my mom didn't want any contact with them. I don't want to get into the deep family drama issues to everyone, but I'm old enough to tell that she's right.

I'm not going to say the family members' names, but they've been having some history with smoke, bad behavior, drugs, and alcohol. Even passing it on to the young next generation kids and in my opinion, it's never a good idea of encouraging grown kids to experience the same mistakes of their parents doing smoke, being dishonest too many times, drinking, doing drugs, etc. I don't know on how long this distance silence will go on in the future, but I'm really hoping one day that they can make amends and atonement with my mom & some other family members. Getting clean, going to therapy, making less lies and being more truthful, whatever it takes.

Besides that, I'm going to create a few more stories in the future that I promise to make in due time. I'll give you a bit of a teaser of what I'm making to write. One is from a Your human and you-verse with two game character crossovers. Second is the Starlight-verse with a different turn that I would've think Season 5 finale ended differently. Finally, the third one is a redo of the displace story that I unsubmitted because the direction is in a soured state.

So uh, that's about it for the update people. I hope every brony, pegasis, readers, viewer and authors is doing alright by washing your hand every day. Keeping your mask handy for outside. Goodnight and best of luck for the struggling survival year of 2022.

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