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THIS IS CANON (kind of). · 1:16am April 30th

Guys. It's been a night.


I have found A THING.

Namely, this:

I don't know why I'm several months late here, but I love it. As, well, I've had "Sentry's Privateers" banging around in the back of my head for a good while yet. BUT, Carrot's Privateers makes things EVEN BETTER because that means somebody screwed up at some point and said Carrot Top (a.k.a. Special Agent Golden Harvest) is the one responsible for the operation.

And yes I will jump through random hoops to make a random fan thing suit my fanon.

On the other hand my fanon is best fanon, as has been proven with science. Or something.

Comments ( 10 )

This is certainly a thing that exists. I wonder how long it took to make. Certainly dedication to the art. Thanks for sharing

Author Interviewer

yaknow, I would accept this and only this, except that ai thing is singing it and it sounds horrible D:

The job is not without its risks. :ajbemused:

Clearly this was the cover story necessary for Carrot to assume a new identity. The rest of the "privateers" were actually the cargo involved in a covert exchange between Equestria and Griffonstone.

And Applejack? Applejack sprained her hind legs in the middle of harvest season four years earlier, drowned her sorrows in hard cider, and accidentally foresaw the whole thing in her intoxicated state. (Of the three tribes, earth ponies have the easiest time with divination, much like necromancy.) Fortunately, it came to her in the form of a sea shanty because, again, intoxicated state. It's far from the strangest prophecy to come out of the Apple family. They say Granny Smith performed an entire operetta detailing Twilight's ascension while giving birth to Bright Macintosh.

I keep reading that as "yak now," which leads to an amusing mental image of you becoming a yak solely to decry the singing skills of 15.ai.
"Music a LIE!"

My favorite tune out of my favorite Jolly Rogers album. Loved hearing them again last year at KC Renfest, and I'll go to listen every year they sing until they turn to dust.

They say Granny Smith performed an entire operetta detailing Twilight's ascension while giving birth to Bright Macintosh.

This sentence feels like it would be equally at home in a feghoot or a telling of The Aristocrats "joke".

Sea shanties never have as much vocal harmonies as I want them to (I think I'm spoiled by barbershop choirs), but this at least has substantially more harmonies than the monophonic pony rendition.

I see your pony and raise you science:

I keep expecting someone to ponify Our Flag Means Death.

It's beautiful!

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