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Shaking Confidence · 6:34am April 24th

Hey everyone, some people have been blocking me left and right. Please don't believe any rumors you hear about me. This is starting to break my confidence and I'm starting to think about deactivating my account here.

Comments ( 57 )

I'm not believing them, I'll believe you

But my follower count keeps going down. It's not doing my confidence any good

I won’t ditch you. At the very least, don’t deactivate or delete your account.

Don't care what they say, even if they were true (I don't believe them), still here for you.


What rumors?

Hey man I'd never block you. You're my friend and I'll always support you.

What rumors?

Wrex, I'll never believe any rumors about you. Cuz rumors are rumors and they aren't true. Like at my school, in order to stop everyone talking about me and my crush, I asked the rumor guy to spread a rumor that two girls are dating each other. It spread, and some might think it's true. But it's not. And people should get more info before blocking you.

I'll never block you. Also, don't deactivate your account. Pay them people no mind.

Don't worry, I won't block you. I don't even know what are those rumors, but it would be stupid to believe in simple hearsay.

I ain’t going anywhere.

What's happening?
Either ways I won't block you.









I don't know what is going, but thank you everyone

I just want to know why TheAlienBrony22 did that.

What did he say about you?

That's the weird part. He followed me for 22 minutes then blocked me

Yeah, I'm hoping to find someone to talk to him. I mean, I barely said 7 words to him.

Well, I don't know why people are blocking you, but I think you're awesome! Ignore the haters, you're amazing and valuable to this community

Of course. Would you like a virtual cookie?

I just brushed my teeth

Want me to do something?

If you wanna help, that's fine

Hm… alright, not sure how I’m go about this.

Before I do anything, how long has this been happening for? How many people blocked you?

2 days. Not sure

Huh. That is strange.

I'm still here

Thanks, Boss. Appreciate it

Don’t. You’re still loved by your friends here. I’m here for ya, Wrexy. 💜💜💜

Thanks, Mr. J.

i don't believe anything until i see it for myself or i have proof so no worries but i know u wouldn't do anything so i believe u

I don't believe it either. Don't worry. I won't block you.

You're welcome!

Whatever happens never give up

That's the way to go!!! Niki Lauda is the guy I got inspired to never give up no matter what

Wrex, your one of my best friends on this site.

If anyone is spreading rumours on here, I have to believe there not true, know that you are cared about here. By me and many more.

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