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Willight Robinbine

My name is Willight Robinbine. I've been a brony for 9 years since January 19th, 2013. I'm also quitting because this fandom is full of horse manure.

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Retiring · 8:54pm April 23rd

Hello all,

After much deliberation and fanfare, Ive decided to retire. I have had enough of this fandom. Over the years, I've come to realize the two types of people that live here: freaks and 30 year old pony fucking morons. This is why I'm retiring. All of you people on Fimfiction need to realize one thing: your obsessed with a show meant for little girls. You have ruined it into a perverse fantasy that only disgusting imps like yourselves like. Shame on you, shame on this fandom. I feel for Lauren Faust. She wanted to bring her dollies to life, but not this way. Thank you for 10 years of horrific filth. I've been boiling it up like a pressure cooker. It blew up... Good luck; keep enjoying your Simp lifestyles, because I'm out of here.

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I feel ya, man.

Furries ruined Zootopia for me. Praying they don't ruin The Bad Guys, too.

Though, didn't you write NSFW stuff too?

Yes. 2011 vs now was a big change. I'm so tired of it.

The fandom isn’t what ruined Lauren Faust’s dreams for MLP. Take that up with the people who were providing her paychecks.

Unless this isn’t you and this account has been hacked.

There are some disgusting people but this site this fandom has brought me happiness I'm sad to see you go this way

Why did you hacked this account? I'm just tired of not getting this account back. I'm fucking mad. Do me a solid and please give me this account back. I know you hate this fandom, but please I don't want to get a hacker to get this account back. I know your a hacker yourself, but please don't me get Hacker_dave on instagram to get this account back.

Yeah, something tells me this was hacked. It would explain the Fimfic message:

Please make sure any links you click on claiming to be Fimfiction are actually the correct URL before entering personal information, and consider using 2 factor authentication

Just some loser psychopath who’s probably estranged from his family.

You win! I hope you enjoyed this account baka!

Dam I enjoy your work

I know and I'm sorry. I'm replying to you from my first fimfiction account that I created back in July 30th, 2013. I didn't know I had this account until yesterday evening.

Jethus Kwist

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