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My Little Pony G5 News 04/20/2022 · 5:21pm April 20th

A slight downgraded, but... yea?

Cue the music...

GOOD AFTERNOON, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! As we know, when it comes to Netflix, they are always adding something new every year and at least every other month. Every so often we are treated to some good material either in movies or series, though often times those media we receive end up not as entertaining as we were expecting. Heck, some fans here may not even be aware of whether there's anything good to watch on Netflix on the account because they don't even have a Netflix account. Animated material, particularly with a series, are of no exception as far as what comes across as good or not...

There's 'this' level of Netflix animated quality...

And then... there's 'this'...

Gee... I never would've figured 'that' out...

But today, a 'New on Netflix' video has just been released showing off all the upcoming releases set for May. In relation to the MLP G5 series of which my blogs have been covering for quite some time, we are finally receiving word about the 'Make Your Mark' series (In case the image above me didn't give it away). More specifically, the first 'special' for 'Make Your Mark'.

After a period of waiting, with a few weeks spent covering the 'Tell Your Tale' side of the G5 run, we've finally been granted an opportunity to see both the animation style as well as the model quality. Please see the video below:

(Go to 7:08 for ponies)

Now I'm not going to deny this faithful readers, and I should warn you that I'm about to get nitpicky with this one: When I first saw the video, I wasn't feeling so sure about how they decide to use the animation for the upcoming series. Yes, we were informed in advance that the second G5 series they'd release would be 'close' to the 3D animation as they did with the feature film. And yet just by looking at the animation and the quality, while it's not entirely noticeable, there's no mistaking the fact that you can just see where the presentation is a slight downgraded. It's as if the studios behind this series were working on a slight limited budget and decided to scale it down a bit.

And yet when I look at the way this series is presented, I'm reminded of 'another' similar 3D animated series:

And you'd never know of this, unless your familiar with Hong Kong's 'Filly'.

All joking aside, just as I was willing to give 'Tell Your Tale' a chance despite my opinions on its 2D approach, I'm willing to see just what 'Make Your Mark' is capable of. For those who don't know what 'Make Your Mark' has to offer, the synopsis goes and I quote:

The special picks up from the movie where the Mane 5 are learning to live with each other and their new powers.[2]

When Zipp realizes that the power of the crystals are fading, she goes on a mission to figure out why.

Based off this synopsis, in addition to what little of the show we've seen in the preview, the first few seconds definitely shows a colorful presentation for the special and we can still see some slightly decent detail work as small as they may be. Hopefully this series follows much differently than 'Tell Your Tale', focusing on that story-driven approach of which I've been vouching for several times. The synopsis does suggest that it's up to our heroes to go on some quest to discover why the crystals are losing power or what force is deemed responsible for it. And based on that storm sequence in which some rainbow power was required to fight against it, something big is out there about to threaten the new Equestria though what that is I'm not sure. If anything, the use of the rainbow against the dark clouds definitely reminds me of MLP's early shows.

Then again, G4 did this too...

With this being said, what is this going to mean for my run of covering the G5 series for the next few weeks? I'll still be reviewing the 'Tell Your Tale' series, as they'll still remain a weekly basis for YouTube. We still have no idea whether that same release time will apply for 'Make Your Mark', given Netflix's history with airing all the episodes at once. But if in the event that were to happen, more likely I'll be reviewing one episode at a time (In addition to covering the 'Tell Your Tale' series, since they now release one episode instead of four). The subject of the matter of reviewing the episodes may change over time, but that is still up in the air up until May comes around.

It should also be fair to point out that prior to May, I'll be away in Italy with my family for at least a week, staying with some family friends of ours who know the country. I'll be on that flight come April 29th and likely won't be back until May 9th. There might be a slight delay on a 'Tell Your Tale' review by a week or so... unless I decide to bring my laptop with me. Thankfully, the special itself won't even be out until May 26th so I have more than enough time to prepare for it. How this special fares for the fans will very well determine if the fans can be excited for the following M.Y.M. series slated to air later in September.

Or... whatever keeps some fans from pulling the trigger against their accounts...

But now the bigger question remains: What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers, this is the Dramamaster829... stay tuned for tomorrow's 'Tell Your Tale' review:

The Unboxing of Izzy

Spoil the episode, and you're going to be tomorrow night's DINNER!!!

Comments ( 16 )

Ooh, new show! I wasn't able to watch the trailer but it sounds like it'll be interesting to review at the very least

I do like zipp is the focus sense she was the most interesting out of the 5

That's why the link to the Netflix video is posted on my blog. This way, you can just see that portion that shows a brief glimpse of the upcoming special. When a video mainly 'focusing' on 'Make Your Mark' comes out, expect another blog to discuss that.

Are you excited, cause im excited, ive never been so excited in my life, well except for the time i went *gasp* but really who can top that?:pinkiehappy: lol, awesome blog Drama and I cant wait for this special release, even though they downgraded I'm still giving it a chance storywise, so much anticipation, anyway stay cool, stay classy Drama, you're awesome XD P.S. Pinkie getting to excited lol

It's interesting how out of all the ponies in the Mane Five, it's 'Zipp' who gets referenced for that upcoming special. We would think it would be Sunny given she's the one who lives in that lighthouse. Though we should note that Zipp is going to be the future Queen of Zephyr Heights and whether she wants to or not, she's expected to one day lead her ponies (The Pegasi in this case). She does have that leadership quality in her, but she doesn't make too big a show of it.

Who knows? With this special, I'm sure every pony will be granted a chance to shine. Zipp just happens to be one of them.

I'm trying not to be 'over' excited, but I've been hoping for something good to come with this series since they started talking about it. The animation is just 'one' aspect of what the series has to offer. What's really going to sell it for me is how they run the story and if the characters are memorable in a good way. More information will soon come once additional footage is on display.

Well so far the only thing this special, the youtube series, and up and coming comic have in common is the new Lighthouse HQ where the girls live, but all 5 meet to discuss business.

Yeah, I know, the computer I'm on right now restricted it

The lighthouse pretty much connects the whole thing together, especially with the addition of those crystals. A place where the Mane Five get together to ensure that friendship retains itself amongst all the pony races. Course, when sinister forces start to hear about the reunion of those crystals, and hear about that rainbow that exploded in the sky, they're going to want to know who has the crystals and where they are keeping them.

I notice the difference in the animation too. Is it just me or do the pony coats look more smoother (a bit like plastic figurines) compared to the movie?

Looking forward to it .

Glad that they still using the 3D for the movie and show, even though it slight difference. It looks smoother like some videogames design. See it coming because compare the movie and show.

I am interested to on the powers work on the other. I hope it a new power not entirely like the previous power of the elements of harmony. Like Sunny where she can turn into a temporary alicorn.

Glad we got more info for the show. Still the animation will get hate on. Some fans are just hard to please. I learn that from the Hazbin Hotel

And one more thing. It is just more me, or Izzy just got a new haircut?

It would be like if they were trying to look closer to the toy models to some degree. Least with the movie you can tell the work they did just to make their hair look realistic.

Yeah, I see it. They certainly had a budget.

The differences are definitely there as far as the difference between the movie and the show. I was thinking terms of 'video game' look with the preview for what they have in mind for 'Make Your Mark', and thus far the one thing that's coming right now is the special. Thus far, apart from what seems to be that the rainbow aspect of her mane is permanent, it doesn't seem as though Sunny's alicorn powers are permanent. Otherwise, the horn and wings would be there throughout the brief period of the animation for this teaser and what we've seen thus far from 'Tell Your Tale'. Maybe they only appear when that power is in dire need.

Me, I liked Hazbin Hotel. I will admit I was still adjusting to even the smallest changes as far as the designs and names and shit. But I'm sure I'll still like it so long as the spirit of what made the pilot so entertaining remains. As far as whether Izzy did get some new haircut or something... I think I missed that part.

If anything, the use of the rainbow against the dark clouds definitely reminds me of MLP's early shows.

Then again, G4 did this too...

Say it with me now EveryPony:pinkiehappy:! Taste The Rainbow MotherFucker:flutterrage:!!!!!

Or... whatever keeps some fans from pulling the trigger against their accounts...

You've Got To Ask Yourself One Question: Do I Feel Lucky? Well, Do Ya, Punks!!!?

And there it is! I probably should've thought of those quotes beforehand. Well, I'm sure I can set some new material when that new episode of the 'Tell Your Tale' show comes out today.

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