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My Little Pony Tell Your Tale Episode 1-4 Review Part Two 04/13/2022 · 6:36pm April 13th

Previously on the 'My Little Pony Tell Your Tale' review...


*On the left* Urgh... the things I do for the entertainment of my fans...

*Sighs* Welcome back, faithful readers! Our next episode of our 4 episode review series features a sisterly tale appropriately titled:

Sisters Take Flight

The overall synopsis for this episode states, and I quote:

Zipp and Pipp attend a goodbye party set up by their mother, which turns out to be a little overboard.

Going back on what I stated before the difference between the 'YouTube' system and the overall release of the videos themselves, almost makes you wonder if this episode takes place 'before' the events of that 'Home To Share' episode or 'after' if the girls are starting to pack after the construction.

Dude, it's your review. Why are you asking me?

*Groans* Anyways... in an episode that deals with the sisters in the starring role, Zipp Storm and Pipp Petals are to attend a farewell party orchestrated by their own mother, Queen Haven. And leave it to Pipp to pack all her personal belongings for the lengthy trip. I mean how many bags could a princess possibly need?

*Screaming internally*

Yikes... and I thought Rarity's packing was complete overkill.

How rude!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... anyways, if we think Pipp's packing is insane their mother really takes it up a notch with a rather 'interesting' way of hosting a send-off for the girls.

Someone's compensating to have the biggest float for this year's 'Macy's Day' parade.

As we can see, this is where the opposition between the two sisters is on full display during the course of this episode and I'm not talking about their viewpoints in fashion.

Ooh... this new fashion sense is totally going to start trending!

Kill me... NOW!

Look upon me Equestria! Your princess has arrived!

Just smile and wave Zipp... smile and wave...

And because these princesses will be gone from Zephyr Heights for quite some time, it seems no wonder why their mother would pull out all the stops just to see that they receive that send-off of choice. Certainly much bigger than all the other goodbyes some ponies have received.

Uh Izzy... can I go home now?

As Queen Haven prepares to send her goodbyes to her two only daughters, she leaves behind some treasure gifts in wake of their departure...


Boy, I would hate to be Zipp right about now. Although to be fair, least she's had better photos than a certain Hellhound who's been well acquainted on these blogs...


And because no party is not complete without that one 'present' in which hardly any expenses were spent:

And it's not even their birthday... or their weddings...

*Sniffs* I'm going to miss my girls so much...

But because this episode needs a conflict of sorts, of course they go straight to the part where nothing goes as planned. And believe me when I tell you this faithful readers, there are 'worse' things that stem from this event than mere bickering between the two sisters during the course of this celebration. Because if there's one thing I learned from Milo Murphy, 'anything' that can go wrong...


Aw! They fall for me every time...

*Insert Goofy Holler here*

NOT AGAIN............!

He'll be fine...

Oh no...

Oh my...

Fortunately, every pony gets a good laugh even after things don't quite go the way they planned. If the idea was to leave the girls with an unforgettable memory after leaving home, this would definitely do the trick. On a slightly unrelated note, I actually like how their manes look after this moment personally.

This is just begging for fan art so fans can add this as their phone background.

Overall, this episode turned out to be much more fun than I give it credit for (To be fair, the same reaction from all the episodes released last week). True, the sisters go as well together as the weirdest food combination on the planet but that's what's so special about them. True, we have one sister who's going to miss everything about their home during the events of this series and beyond, while her older sibling is left with some uncertainty over what she's leaving behind. But if there's one thing to note about a duo like Pipp and Zipp: Whatever matters they have to tackle, no matter what obstacles get in their way, they confront it together. The events leading to where we stand for G5 now are messy and expectations won't go the way we think, but like every new adventure whatever comes our way... least we're going through them together. And I do believe that makes for a rather touching lesson with this episode.

My back is killing me...

*Awkward pause* Anyway, with no further delay, we complete our review with the last episode of the week entitled:

Nightmare Roommate


The episode synopsis goes, and I quote:

The girls struggle to adjust to living with Izzy.

There's barely an argument that when it comes down to 'Generation 5', most polls would have Izzy Moonbow being the most popular pony amongst the Mane Five. So of course, it only stands to reason that at some point we were bound to have an 'Izzy' episode at some point during this series. Then again, we do have to ask, how can living with Izzy be such a nightmare? Especially given she is arguably among the most friendly ponies in the whole group? She's got a great set of friends, they sleep under the same route, they have the occasional 'ghosts' floating at night... wait what?!

I am the spirit of seasons' past...

*Girlish scream* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! *Pause* Uh, I mean... *Manly scream* Aaaaaah!!!

Anyways... it doesn't take long for the girls to put their 'Scooby' skills to the test, as they realize that the ghost is 'not' as it seems to be...

Oh hey! It's one of Starswirl's nightlight cloaks...

Nope... it's just Izzy!

It turns out to be one of Izzy's unintentional antics, which makes sense given that this is her initial period of using magic for the first time she'd have 'no' idea she's using magic in her sleep. Makes you wonder what Izzy dreams of that would set off the 'sparks'...

And can... you feel... the love...

All joking aside... turns out living with Izzy is not as glamorous as one would think it is.

I love her... but I'm going to KILL her!!!

Oh, oh, oh, woke up today...



Yeah... imagine having that one roommate in college who not only touches all your stuff, but ends up really raising your heart rate with anxiety. It's no wonder why her friends, though happy to share the same roof with Izzy, are often tired... if not unhappy. If I work up one morning to find my hair products empty, my drafts for my blogs ruined, and my iPhone covered in gosh knows what... I'd be pretty pissed off too. Of course, Izzy is just so likeable and seemingly so sensitive that it's no wonder her friends don't initially confront Izzy about it. At least most of what she does is harmless...

We've got to do something...

Since the girls have no idea how to confront Izzy, they turn to the one honest pony in town they can go to for guidance...

Well it's about time...

NOT YOU!!!!!

Oh hey, guys! Nothing weird happening here.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me...

With Hitch sharing a few similarities with a certain 'Element of Honesty', and not just because they are both Earth ponies, Hitch advises the girls to just tell Izzy how they really feel about her antics.

But on the other hand, this is the same pony fans believe to be Fluttershy's descendant...

Taking up on Hitch's advice regardless, they decide to present Izzy with a present containing the same possessions they own, only instead they're her own.

When your parents shop for your college presents.

But as it turns out, Izzy was never actually 'interested' in any of the things she's been 'borrowing' for her own amusement (Though you wonder if that excuses the mess?). The emotional weight of the episode kicks in as it turns out Izzy was merely trying to fit in considering she's never lived with other ponies before.

Then again, I don't fit in with the Unicorns either...

When we really stop to take a moment to think, for all her happy-go-lucky antics, we forget how Izzy Moonbow was all alone before meeting the ponies who'd be her friends. We can actually relate to Izzy to some degree in terms of what we've seen in this episode. We've all had that one friend who tries to fit in with our group or that one sibling who often mimics everything their elders do (Even wearing their same clothes or saying the same sentences).

And all this because they couldn't find something to do together.

Still, the girls assure Izzy that there's no reason to struggle to fit in because everyone believes she is perfect the way she is (Though I don't often believe in 'perfection' myself). Like this show in general, it's all a big work in progress as every pony is still learning to get along while going through all their own quirks and hiccups. But give it a little more time to develop, even if the results are not perfect, and eventually everything works themselves out.

Every user who falls asleep during Drama's blogs...

Every... time...

And now for my 'final' thoughts on Episodes 1-4:

Overall, based on first impressions of the start of 'Tell Your Tale', I was initially worried that this show was not going to live up to the hype that 'A New Generation' started. True, the episodes are not entirely perfect, the short running time meaning a problem and solution ends up coming quickly, and the overall design and casting will take some time to get used to. But when we really stop to take in these stories for what they have to offer, true the episodes are mainly as comedic as short 'sitcoms' but at least they don't do 'too much' just to be funny.

Unlike 'some' spinoffs...

These episodes know when to be funny, but also lets our audience know there's some heart put into their stories. And when the emotional portions of the story unveil, it truly shows. It can be messy and the show is still a work in progress, but I surprisingly found these episodes rather enjoyable and worth a rewatch now and again. Given we still have tons more episodes to go before the release of their Netflix material, I'd call this a pleasant warm-up before our team faces the biggest obstacles in their way. By this point, fans already have their favorites or they are starting to grow on these ponies based on their overall performance between each of these four episodes. It's a show that clearly has charm, it has it's own 'cute' moments, and they can still be fun.

The bigger question remains: What do YOU think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers, this is the Dramamaster829...


Comments ( 7 )

Sisters Take Flight: It was funny seeing just how differently Zipp and Pipp take being a princess, and how much their mom goes over the top for things. And it looks like a recurring running gag for the pegasi is them crashing into things because they're still getting used to actually flying.

Nightmare Roommate: It felt just like adapting in a college dorm with a roommate that doesn't always respect ones personal space or belongings. And when Izzy used Sunny's toothbrush to clean her ears I had Paddington flashbacks. And at the Sheriff's office, a wanted poster that had Sprout's face on it could be seen. I think rather than reform and accept the fact he was wrong went on the run and is now wanted.

A pair like Zipp and Pipp are about as opposite as fire and ice. We have one social media mogul who adores the spotlight and attention with being a princess, while we have the science mare who prefers not to make a big fuss over this princess ordeal and instead would rather focusing on pushing herself on being best flier without proving it to any pony. And as over the top as their mother can be, given this is not the first instance, least she 'tries' to show some good intentions (Specifically during this show). After all, she loves her daughters above all else. And yes, the Pegasi are definitely going to need more practice in terms with their flying. Especially since it probably wasn't all that long ago since they started flying again.

While I personally have never had that college experience, as I stayed at home as opposed to sharing a dorm with a complete stranger, I can certainly feel and understand what those folks have gone through having to share a space with a roommate who may come off as odd with their antics. And it's funny, I nearly forgot about the fact that Sprout's face was on a wanted poster. Then again, ever since 'A New Generation', he hasn't been seen in 'any' of the episodes. Probably was too stubborn to admit he was wrong about everything he believed about the other races (Though to be fair, all those thoughts came from his mother first).

The only other argument I could make is that they probably ran out of 'Missing' posters and decided to add Sprout's face on a few spare wanted posters they had. Not like Sprout would be dumb enough to think that having his face on a 'Wanted Poster' means he's the most desirable stallion in the 'shipping' industry.

Awesome blog as always and funny XD, you already know my input from the the first blog, im very much looking forward to many more episodes to come, hope you get out the hospital soon lol, Pipp went overboard, anyway stay cool, stay classy Drama, your awesome:raritywink:

Recently, a video of a song from an upcoming episode was just released on YouTube. Though the lyrics were not in English, I could almost tell just what type of future episode we are about to receive. Should be rather interesting to look into if the schedule for releasing YouTube content is every Thursday.

Baby pegasiiiiii! Also, I think Haven should make that her new manestyle, it looks really works for her!

On the topic of the show in general, I think it's definitely not going to be one of my most favorites, but there are some cute scenes in there that I'd watch it for

I know, right?! I rather like Haven's mane when it's let loose and down like that. As for the show itself, it definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea. But it should hold us up till they start releasing the Netflix series.

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