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What the heck is this... · 12:04am Dec 11th, 2012

Not EVEN gonna get started on the changes on Fimfiction. Just not gonna. Just... ow. It literally hurts my eyes to read on this site for more than 30 minutes.

Instead I'd like to ask this:

What the heck is this?

Its a political compass that I've seen around quite a few author's blogs and stuff, showing their stance. Ive never really known where I stand on the grand scheme of things, so I thought "Hey, lets find out." You're suppose to read the scale as such.

Where did I get? Right in the bucking Center.

FML. Somepony explain what this means?

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Hey, don't diss the moderates. I'm a moderate too (I took this years and years ago). =x

Comment posted by Twilitbook deleted Dec 11th, 2012

Huh, well, that test might be right, but it is way too vague for my liking.

Economic Left/Right: 0.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.97

:rainbowhuh: I'm a mild, slightly right-wing, libertarian. K.

Means you don't give a fuck niggah'

First look at about half the questions: God damn it, why is there no 'ambivalent' option?
Second look: Is this an american test? What the hell is a civil liberty? Canadian counter terrorism is based on a trust basis. We trust you to tell us you are carrying explosives, and then we let you in the country, trusting you won't blow up in Canada.
I was honestly expecting to be 'up' more. And slightly more left... but hey, charts cant lie, right? Oh well, Ghandi is a good roll model.

Economic Left/Right: -4.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.87

was kinda expecting this, wasn't expecting to be almost the exact same place as the Dalai Lama, though he seems like a cool guy, even started his reign on my birthday, though about 40 years earlier...

It means you either don't have strong political opinions, or your political opinions aren't consistently in any particular direction.

Don't take it too seriously. Like any measures of political orientation, it's pretty heavily biased by the (usually unstated) assumptions the writers have included. By judiciously weighting variables, it's possible to show someone to be more anarchistic than Kropotkin or more authoritarian than Qin Shi Huang from the same set of answers.

The way it is graded spaced is like this. On the x-axis, the farther left means more government intervention in economic policies and as it goes right it gets less and less till no government intervention.

The y-axis is the same but about social issues like individual liberties and rights and what not. So the top is total government control and the bottom is no government control.

Red - Authoritarian with the extreme corner being Communism

Blue - is Conservative with the extreme being Fascism

Green- is Liberal with the extreme being Socialism

Purple - is Libertarian with the extreme being Anarchy.

Being center just means you believe that government intervention in both economic and social issues is equal with the rights of private citizens.

that help?

I don't fit anywhere on this diagram.

Edit: Actually I exhibit moderately extreme anarchy but also some mild Conservative. I'll be in two places then. Haha disregard that I suck cocks, this was before I took the test.

Well, it was a pretty comprehensive test, and I think I'd probably agree with where I am placed. politicalcompass.org/facebook/pcgraphpng.php?ec=1.75&soc=-0.51

I tend not to trust the Political Compass quiz; it has really loaded questions and skews everyone to the left. As for them ascribing politicians onto the chart, they are verrrrrry unfair towards righties (though it was funny seeing Obama and Romney almost in the same spot in Authoritarian Right).

I charted myself on a more trustworthy version of the Nolan Chart (do NOT take the quiz from the site proper; they skew you towards libertarianism in an attempt to convert you, the sneaky bastards), and I came out Social Liberal. I believe the site is called 2dquiz or something like that. the questions are a lot more comprehensive and have very diverse answers.

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