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Manes Of Optimistic Pride Chapters 1 And 2 · 3:35am March 28th

If you gonna bring up what happened days ago, please be civil and I promise I won't be rude. If anything, when people move on way too early, there's no closure whatsoever. I did break a rule but I thought it was acceptable when I finished chapter 2 (Where Applejack and Rarity is part of but not the 1st chapter) before I published this story. And when I brought up Expensive Universe Unlike Any Other, it WASN'T a jab to the person who took down this story, it's mostly that fact it got approved but not this. Anyway, I'm gonna try my best to work on this story while future chapters will be posted as blogs.

Chapter 1 Fundraiser For The Win

It was a long day for Molly and her friends to finish the final episodes of the first season of her show. But even with so many takes, it was worth it, including a long delay to begin production on Season 2, Disney Channel executives and writers will take the time they need to write episodes in the coming months. Molly McGee along with her friends on set, Libby and Andrea got out of the studio satisfied.

“That took way longer than it should’ve taken.” Andrea said, heading out the door.

“How many facial expression classes did you take Molly?” Libby added.

“Three, before I got the main role. You wouldn’t understand how it felt when I got a call from the executives.” Molly turned her head to her friends. “You didn’t see my audition videos?”

“I got a call thanks to my commenicals, I had less time looking at other auditions okay?” Andrea replied.

“And I only got in since they wanted a jewish character for a change.” Libby added. “If anything, I would’ve written the episodes instead of being part of them.”

The optimistic girl took months of auditioning with her friends before their show happened and she only experienced pairing with them rather than knowing them personally. As they left the studio, she wondered what she could do to pass the time. “Seems like I’ve been focusing on our show then thinking about what Cartoon stars do when they’re on vacation.”

“Have you known anything other than Amphibia and The Owl House?”

“Mostly from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. They live further away from where we live.”

“They’re from different networks, what did you expect?” Andrea signed. “It’s only once in a while where they can meet each other as long as the other network show’s don't perform in a place like this.”

Molly and Libby took Andrea’s words into consideration. Even as Disney Channel stars, they never met any other network stars in person. Especially what they do once their shows take a hiatus or completely finish. When they headed down three blocks to Channel studio’s exit, they saw Ally and Jess from Amphibia putting a poster up on a wall.

Usually they would advertise the next episodes of their show but once Molly saw the poster closely, it had nothing to do with her older sister’s show on the network. “Hey, what are you putting up?” She got the attention from Ally and Jess who immediately turned after taping up the poster.

“It’s a fundraiser for our community.” Ally added.

“The Amphibia community?” Libby wondered.

“Not really.” Jess replied. “It’s the LGBT Cartoon Community.”

Upon hearing the four letters, Molly became puzzled, same goes to her friends. As Ally and Jess went past Libby and Andrea, Libby looked at the poster itself. “Wait, wouldn’t you two like happy to be together on your last video post?” Molly follows the two.

“We recorded that video yesterday and just after we did the editing today…” Ally stopped herself, causing her girlfriend to stop as well. “It turns out that message the community sended us, that we’re having a last minute intervention.”

“A last minute intervention?” Andrea added.

“It’s really private when it comes to this type of community.” Jess replied. “Let’s just say we need a bigger idea for people like us to come closer as a community.”

The two girlfriends left the newest Disney Channel stars as they headed to their car in the parking lot. Molly then turned her attention to the poster that Libby had been reading.

“It looks like Ally and Jess’s friends in this community need more help for the fundraiser.” Libby said with Molly and Andrea standing by her. “It says, stars and former stars in communities of far networks. We had to cancel our latest convention due to our budget receiving major cutbacks. Our last social media activities may get us success with our supporters, but we want this to be different, a project which hasn’t been done before, but a showcase of how we support each other in this community. Not to mention it would be interesting to have some new faces for the experience. If only we can have new inspiration from someone who’ll know what it takes to make things bigger.”

After reading every single word from the poster, the three felt stunned, as if a commentary like this could end sooner than expected. “The LGBT community is gonna split apart!?” Molly screamed.

“Do you even know what LGBT stands for?” Andrea added. “If you ask me, none of our show writers told us we're adding that in our show.”

“Oookay…maybe I don’t know about the community but it seems like it’s about love right?” Molly said, making an awkward grin.

“I think there’s more to love in this community. There’s no hearts here just…rainbow colors.” Libby noticed the poster’s design. “I expected something like this from you Molly.”

When Molly looked at the six colors of the rainbow, it immediately gave her the bigger picture of the LGBT community’s situation. “Maybe after I know everything about the LGBT community, I can come up with a fantastic idea to raise money for their fundraiser.” Just as Molly celebrates in excitement, she completely sees Luz and Amity from The Owl House who'll be planning to go to Animal Kingdom. “Hey Luz and Amity!” She called to the two witches.

“Is there anything you need Molly?” Amity called back.

“You might want to take a look at this poster.” She pointed at it.

It didn’t take long for Luz and Amity to head over to check the poster itself. Once they read the paragraph, they couldn’t believe it at first. “Was this poster just put up?” Luz pointed.

“We saw Ally and Jess putting up posters so…yes.” Libby answered.

“I think we should cancel our trip to Animal Kingdom and head straight to our community.” Amity replied.

Molly’s eyes were shot open at the fact her Disney neighbors are familiar with the LGBT community. “You’re part of this?” She leaned close to Luz.

“Well, technically since 2020, thanks to the fanbase but…we’ve been taking this relationship to the next level since season two started.” Amity making an awkward smile.

“How am I getting the feeling none of your friends in that community warned you about financial problems.” Andrea replied.

“We only met Applejack and Rarity along with a few, we never met all of the pairings in person. Including Bonnibel Bubblegum and Marceline.”

“Seems like a bizarre relationship to me.” Libby commented.

Luz would make a head start with Amity for damage control on a budget crisis, but upon meeting Molly McGee for the first time, she witnessed her contributions in her very own show. And having creative independent freedom once shows go on hiatus, she wonders what she can do with all the spare time she has.

“Molly, I know you’re not part of the LGBT community, but this is really important for me and Amity.” Luz placed her hand on her shoulder. “This may be an expensive job, but we can help out, we'll do anything you come up with.”

“And don’t forget,” Amity pointed to Molly’s friends. “You may have an opportunity to surprise ours and your followers.”

When Molly looked at Libby and Andrea, along with the poster behind them, she could make a difference even as a newcomer. “You’re right.” Molly smiled. “As long as I get everything I need to know about LGBT, they will live on until the end of time!”

“Now that’s the spirit!” Luz hugging Molly in joy. “Let’s get to work!” As she and Molly ran together to make their first step for the LGBT community to stay strong, Amity stands next to Molly’s friends, watching Luz and Molly heading to her place to come up with a plan.

“Amity.” Libby turned to Luz’s girlfriend. “Is it okay that you tell me what relationships are in the LGBT community? You know, just for a heads up?”

“Believe me when I say this, you would probably be accepting of the pride representation but not entirely wanting any part of it.” Amity biting her lip, after watching Libby’s performances in her best friend’s show. She then whispered into her ear to give her the basics. Just when Libby was catching on, what Amity referred next stunned her. As if it was mostly about friendships, but it was more than that. When Amity backed away, Libby’s eyes shot open, and couldn't believe it while Molly may think otherwise.

“Libby?” Andrea looking at Libby stood in place like a statue. All that Libby did was spazzing a bit, but she stuttered to speak with the idea that Molly could have mistaken her situation, knowing full well.

“I could tell you’re not prepared to have a girlfriend anytime soon.” Then Libby collapsed on the ground, unphased from what she just heard. “I stand corrected.”

Chapter 2 Options Or Horses

Over the past hour since heading back to Luz’s apartment, Luz helped Molly with their research on the LGBT Cartoon Community. She not only showed her the major articles on the LGBT website, but including the petition of the fundraiser that’s yet to be available. Molly McGee searched harder than any individual to come up with her original idea. Even by learning more about the cartoon stars old and new, she can tell they will be impressed in a community that got stronger by the year. After Luz got a text from Sam Sharp to meet them at one of the smallest theme parks that are closed during night time, she, Molly, and Amity flew with her Owl Staff, leaving Disney Channel Studios to head straight to their destination.

The moon rose over the horizon while the sun slowly set. The theme park itself was closing momentarily with families and friends leaving. However, the only vehicles that remained parked were the stars of the LGBT Cartoon Community. Bonnibel Bubblegum, Marceline, Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Bismuth, Adora, Catra, Luna Loud, Sam Sharp, Applejack, Rarity, Enid, & Red Action were waiting, some getting out of their cars to stretch and get some fresh air. Even if they had the time to go on a few rides in the theme park, they’re not taking the risk of losing any more money than they already have.

“Soo…Jess and Ally are running late huh?” Enid asked, leaning against Red Action’s hover tank.

“It seems they’re too upset after the message we gave them.” Red Action added.

“I don’t blame them.” Adora signed as she turned to Bonnibel. “Are you sure Luz and Amity are on their way here?”

“They should be. Judging that they’re bringing a friend who I heard is new to the Disney Channel shows.” Bonnibel responded.

“You haven’t even heard of her, or her show?” Pearl wondered.

“We haven’t been catching up on Disney’s latest shows okay, we only watch Amphibia and The Owl House.” Marceline added.

“You know just because Disney Channel didn’t have a better twenty tens then Cartoon Network, they still knew what they're doing unlike Nickelodeon.” Ruby commented only for Luna to take notice. “No offense.”

“I don’t blame you or anyone, I blame our executives.” Luna replied, leaning against a light post.

“Is it because The Casagrandes got canceled?” Applejack asked.


Soon enough, the theme park closed with the small gates closing. Meanwhile up in the sky, Luz is handling her Owl Staff with Molly and Amity sitting right behind her. It took longer for them to travel to one of the most peaceful theme parks in the nearby lands. Luz flew down to the parking lot, catching the attention of the LGBT community.

“We’re here.” Luz called as she and her friends got off of her staff. It didn’t take long until they took notice of Molly McGee, the latest Disney Channel Star. At first they were expecting an old star with experience, but they always give newcomers the benefit of the doubt.

“This is Molly McGee.” Amity inducing her as she waves with a smile on her face. “She’s gonna help us with the fundraiser.”

“I got everything in my notebook!” Molly showing off her notebook.

“Wait, before you show us your plan, we need to set things straight.” Bonnibel replied.

“The truth you need to know is we never watched your show, even with the promotions we’ve come across.” Adora added.

Molly would know at one point that some people won’t recognize her right away but it won’t stop her from giving them an impression on her. “To be honest, I didn’t expect this day to happen, even for an emergency.”

“Molly darling,” Rarity smiled. “Expect the unexpected, even if it’s not how we wanted.”

“But keep this in mind, if we don’t succeed, you still have the opportunity to spend the time with us.” Bismuth added.

“I’ve known some of you, just wish we would meet at your conventions.” Molly responded. “If anything, this intervention seems too unprepared, and this is a first to me.”

The community didn’t like last minute decisions at the wrong time. But on the other hand, if they knew what Molly’s plan was ahead of time, they would make the last minute decisions right away. “Let’s get back on topic, what's your plan?” Sapphire wondered.

Upon listening to the Gem, Molly opened her notebook and got to the pages she spent the past hours working on. “My plan for the LGBT Cartoon Community to raise money for its fundraiser…” She then raised her notebook in the air, showing what she drew to the community. “By riding horses in the outdoors!” The picture itself is Molly riding a horse with its mane colored in the six colors of the rainbow. “We just need to find the right amount of horses for all of us, dye their manes in colors you want, and then!” She then took out a LGBT flag. “We raise our flags while riding our horses!”

After witnessing the plan at first sight, they remained silent. They’ve been doing olympics, vlogging at all kinds of conventions, and during their vacations, they show their passion before their pride of representation. However, they’re always around people in return and riding horses was the least interest they had.

“Well…what do you think?” Molly squealed.

“Uhhhh…” Sam spoked.

“It’s not a terrible idea but, did you think this through?” Enid added.

“She had less than two hours, she can’t just prove an idea for a miracle.” Luz retorted.

“We know but…you do realize we never rode a horse before.” Luna added.

“I rode a horse during Steven Universe’s production in season 5.” Ruby smiled with sparkles in her eyes. “It wasn't hard during rehearsals.”

“Yeah! Ruby for the win!” Molly hugged Ruby tightly.

“Molly, I don’t think we’re gonna work this out.” Marceline walking up to Molly. “For one, even if there’s a chance we can find horses, they’re mostly uncorrelated.”

“For two, the outdoors isn’t exactly a place for anyone to hang out.” Catra added.

“Including tourists who spend most of their time in the studios to see creativity.” Adora added.

“But…this is creativity.” Molly looking at her notebook.

“It’s still not enough.” Red Action replied.

“And for three, we need to plan out where we’re going to make your plan work.” Applejack added. “If we did this in one of our worlds, we would only succeed in one community, which is not our community.”

“If we really want our community to show representation, it has to be extraordinary.” Sam finished.

“Everyone!” Amity standing in front of Molly who’s feeling ashamed. “Give her a break, I get it, we, except Ruby, never rode a horse, but having them part of our fundraiser could work in some other possible way.”

“Yeah, we can hire a couple people to control Ally and Jess’s drones while we do our fundraiser.” Luz smiled.

Her friends in the LGBT Cartoon community still had second thoughts, but they don’t have any other option. Even if they go on hiatus, they could still be in this predicament for coming up with a plan. “You really think this is gonna work?” Bonnibel placed her hand on her hip. “We still need to find two more lesbian relationships.”

“We’re working on it.” Molly pops her head behind Luz.

Sapphire then had an idea, but she needed Ruby for assistance. She politely took Ruby’s hand as the two fuse into Garnet, surprising everyone, esspecally Molly in complete shock. She took the notebook from Molly and looked at her plan. It may take days or weeks but after years in knowledge of LGBT, she can see what Molly is up to.

“Possibilities are always endless.” She looked straight at the horse Molly drew. “But horses could be a turning point for all of us. Molly,”

“Yes?” Molly walked up to Garnet.

The Gem placed her hand on Molly’s shoulder. “I don’t mind how long it will take but time is always important. And to be honest, dyeing manes seems like a perfect style for showcasing our relationships. First thing in the morning, we’re gonna start riding horses.”

“Riding what now?” Luna blinked only for Garnet to turn around.

“We’re not gonna get hurt.”

“It’s the horses that we’re worrying about.” Red Action commented.

“I haven’t ridden a horse either, nor do my friends, and I know they’re more careful when they’re outside in the fields.” Molly replied.

“Have your confidence put to the test of everything.” Garnet turned her attention back to Molly. “As for your friends, I’m sure they will be willing to guide you in your time of need.”

With confidence reaching to the max inside Molly McGee, she knows what to do tomorrow with the LGBT Cartoon Community. Riding horses no matter how difficult it is. “I’ve got everything under control.”

“No Molly, we got everything under control.”

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