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    Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well! Better than me, at the very least :twilightsheepish:

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    Temporary Delay

    Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well!

    There will not be a release this weekend, as I will be out of town for a very close friend's birthday. If I am able, I will make a post mid-week, and another post on my regular schedule.

    I sincerely apologize for making you all wait, but I hope to see you when the chapter drops! Until then!

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    Temporary Delay

    Hello Everyone! I hope this finds you well!

    I just wanted to make it known that due to some medical issues, I will not be able to post this week's chapter of "Zinnias." You can expect the next regular chapter release next Saturday.

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The pony is a part-timer?! · 7:37pm Mar 14th, 2022

Hello, Everypony!

Hope everyone is having a great time out there! I know I sure have been. Writing "Zinnias" and gathering inspiration for more works within the same universe has been an absolute blast, and I'm honored to be able to share the experience with every single one of you who've taken your time to follow along. Again, I can't thank you all enough.

But, as you may have gathered from the title of this blog post, Serinity got a job. Well, at least a part-time job. I still have every intention of maintaining my commitment to a chapter a week, but the chapters may end up being a tad shorter than what I would ideally prefer, or may be interlude/comedy chapters to fill space between major events. I also have two more stories I'm hyped to begin working on as well, one in the same universe as Zinnia, the other taking place in a rather more..."Barbaric" environment. But Zinnias will always be my priority until completed.

As for current content, I still 5 more chapters written; So that's 5 weeks ahead of schedule, and 5 weeks guaranteed content for the road ahead with only minor edits to make.

One last note before I go...With my new job starting soon, I'll be looking within the community for someone who's special talent is graphic design. As excited as I've been for writing Zinnia into existence, I'd be even more excited to be able to see her for the first time! So if anyone knows someone here in this wonderful community that would be willing to make a character design, I'd be more than happy to pass along some bits to support them. Feel free to DM me your/their info.

For now, I'll take my leave. See you again for "Zinnias" regular Saturday release! In the meantime, I have some baking I gotta do! ;)

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