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    I'd post this on Twitter or Reddit, but:
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    Consider this blog a sequel to this one.

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Love How Quickly and How Small I Can Do Expressions Now · 4:54am March 13th

This pic is VERY zoomed in and the expression was done in like 1 minute while half asleep lol. And once again, it's a style I've never drawn before.

This is by far the smallest and quickest I've been able to do expressions. Which is awesome since I'm still so new to them.

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That drawing is my face now you're getting better at MLP art. Admittedly, my problem is that I don't draw as often as I should, which makes improving a whole lot harder. But oh well, never mind. You're going to need those art skills when I get that last point in our little competition. :trollestia:

Did it better than I ever could with any drawing, lol

Deep #3 · March 13th · · ·


To be fair, I don't draw that often either. Which is why I make sure to focus on fundamentals like perspective or on challenges to make the most of my time.


Haha thanks! Have you learned about perspective yet?


You want me to link you some guides? As someone who started drawing at age 26 and has negative talent, perspective was most helpful thing for me.

I suppose so. Sure. 🤓

Wouldn't hurt to see. Though I kinda settled on trying to find someone to draw art for me for a project of mine.

Deep #7 · March 13th · · ·


Alright, in that case I'll keep it short and simple.

Go on YouTube and search for Dan Beardshaw. He has a great perspective series that's easy for beginners. In fact, the first few videos might be extremely boring because you know everything already.

After that, you can go through Moderndayjames on YouTube. His persepctive vids are amazing but a bit too hard for complete beginners.

And SorcerusHorcerus has great tutorials for pony stuff:

Cool. :coolphoto:

I'll keep those in mind 👍

These days, most of my drawing practice is doodling in class when I've done all of the classwork, lol. I really should sit down and do some proper practice at some point...

Holy crap I'm jealous.
Can't get my hand to stop shaking.
Looks figgin good mate!
I look forward to seeing what you got next.

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