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If I Can't Suplex a 380 lbs Offensive Lineman, Then I am Weak (Part 3 of 3) · 4:30am March 12th

Part 2 HERE

How's that for a grabbing title :pinkiecrazy:

Alrighty, so here are the next goals to crush:

1. Dumbbell Row-
160lbs x 5 x 10 (each rep paused for a 1-count)
220lbs x 1+

Should be easy since my rows keep going up no matter what I do lol.

2. Chin Up-
100 Total in 30 minutes @220lbs

Should be easy since I'm so new to chin ups, meaning progress will be quick. If I go below 220lbs, I'll just put on some ankle weights haha.

3. Standing Dumbbell Press-
100lbs (200lbs Total) x 1+

This is gonna be hard. My shoulder instability limits pressing the most. On top of that, standing shoulder presses are hard to progress for nearly everyone. For comparison, this is like a strict Military press of 225 - 240 lbs with a barbell. Gonna need lots of dips, chin ups, band pull aparts, shoulder raises, and other assistance work for this.

4. Flat Dumbbell Press-
120lbs (240lbs total) x 3+ with a 3 count squeeze on top for each rep

All the work for the shoulder press will help with this too. Those squeezes make this a lot harder than normal dumbbell presses, though.

5. Dumbbell Split Squat-
105lbs (210lbs Total) x 100 Total

For a low estimate, this is like doing a 315lbs squat for 10 sets of 10, except you have to 20 sets because you have two legs. And 315lbs is the low estimate...

6. Conditioning-
Carry my dad on my back and walk for a mile with NO breaks

He's about 190lbs. Well, guess I'll die then :rainbowlaugh:

Also, obviously continue to work on my genetic injuries, but that goes without saying :ajsmug: As for the title, I'm only partially joking. Long term, I 100% demand myself to replicate the story of former UFC champ Brock Lesnar getting into a fight with a bunch of NFL players and suplexing one of them. Because of this, wrestling + a 405lbs power clean + 600lbs Front Squat are things I need to do.

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Comments ( 3 )

You are stubborn. You're not going to stop until you achieve these, are you?

Deep #2 · March 14th · · ·


Eenope. Never gonna stop :eeyup:

Besides, I'm close to most of these anyway.

Keep going, you might win a medal in stubbornness. Maybe I'll go out of my way to make a meme about it. Who knows?

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