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    Who is favorite pony of the mane six?

    For me personally, it has to be Twilight Sparkle. She melted my cold, bitter, cynical heart. And made me less of a nihilistic jerk. But what about you? A close second would be Pinkie Pie.

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Who is favorite pony of the mane six? · 5:43pm March 4th

For me personally, it has to be Twilight Sparkle. She melted my cold, bitter, cynical heart. And made me less of a nihilistic jerk. But what about you? A close second would be Pinkie Pie.

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She is so lovely. She sing this song when you meet her.

My favorite pony isn't part of the Mane 6. Sunset Shimmer, more specifically Daydream Shimmer. It was a shame that Daydream Shimmer was only in such a short segment of the EQG universe. It was criminal that she didn't get better writing as she could have been a bridge between two worlds, going on adventures in both the human and pony worlds.

Unfortunately Equestria Girls was mostly just a cash grab. It's left mostly to fanfiction to fill the gap.

For me, it’s a 4-way toss-up between Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Starlight Glimmer [after she reformed of course]

Twilight Sparkle

Bendy #7 · March 4th · · ·

Starlight Glimmer turned out be a goodish pony for the most part, after all.

She smart, cute, and adorkable. She melt the heart of some of even the most bitter people.

Applejack because she is the bestest pony in the whole wide world.:ajsmug:

Bendy #9 · March 4th · · ·

She is a nice horsey. I wonder if a human could woo her though?

Tbh, I don't really like any of the characters.
Pinkie and Rarity are equally annoying, Dash is frankly over-rated and Twilight is borderline insane.
Out of the Mane 6, Fluttershy and Applejack are the only ones I can tolerate.

The character's I actually liked from the show was Derpy and Zecora. Mostly because they didn't really fit in, I related a lot to that in my younger years.

Ah, I see.

I love Twilight's insanity though.

He not a horse. But okay.

I'm so far outside the target audience that I make it a point not to have a favorite. I then point out that Fluttershy is still "best pony" because she exemplifies what ponies are all about to the point where the only way she could do so any further involves growing a horn.

Fluttershy is a real nice pony. She may be one the best ponies to meet first.

Rainbow Dash.
I dunno, some say he's a stallion in the sack.

Rainbow is really cool. She reminds of me Bender from Futurama a little.

Twilight. She's autistic, like me, and we both love to read!

High five. I personally have Asperger's, which is a form of autism.

Probs gonna go with good ol' AJ

Applejack is a cool pony. Her country voice is sweet.

My favorite is Fluttershy, she's so innocent and sweet! :yay:

My favorite would be Twilight Sparkle & Spike. Even though Spike is not on the list for your question, there is a reason why I added him as a favorite with Twilight.

Twilight is super Smart, even though she doesn't know everything, she never stop's, and even if she can't find every solution of knowledge ( like the Pinkie sense episode ) she just accepts it and be proud of it. she also never gives up on her friends or anypony for that matter. one thing that I love about her is she is adorable and funny when she finds new books or a secret library, and when she does she hyperventilate or goes (*eee*). but also she says *yes, yes* every time she jumps. not to mention she is very beautiful. :twilightblush:

As for Spike, Always helpful, To Twilight and his friends. he is also very hopeful. always proud to be who he is, and he never let anyone tell him that he isn't go enough, or show weakness. he is also very funny. but one thing that it's important is that even though he maybe the only dragon in the pony lands, is that no matter who you are, pony, dragon, griffin or any other creature's. what matters to him is that his real family is with his friends, the princesses, Twilight parents, shining armor, and most of Twilight. :moustache:

that's why there are my favorites, because they have a strong bond for each of them. and they will always have hope, and never give up on each other, especially for there friends. :twilightsmile:

I'd say Twilight Sparkle and then Rainbow Dash

Fluttershy! 2nd is Rarity! 3rd is Twilight! 4th is Pinkie! (Rarity and Pinkie cause I came to appreciate them more after reading all those Serial Killer Pony fanfics)

Thanks for the link.

She is pretty lovely, I admit.

Those two are great friends. Spike seems to like ponies more than dragons for the most part. He feel more at home among ponies than dragons.

Those two are pretty great. Twilight introducing Rainbow to books in Read It and Weep was a cool thing.

Nice choice. Personally, I don't get Serial Killer Pony stories, since I like my ponies in character for the most part.

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