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OMPR vs. Aragon: Who's The Greatest Author (Pre-Teen Edition)? · 1:05am March 3rd

A few months ago, I had a vague recollection hit me about a weird blogpost Aragon wrote.

Yeah, yeah, really narrows it down, I know.

Anyway, the specific weird blogpost I vaguely recollected was one about how he wrote a gruesome cannibal story when he was a kid for a school assignment. I couldn't find it in his blogposts easily, so (after PMing him to ask if he'd even done such a thing, or if I was legit going crazy), I forgot all about it.

But then, when I was looking at a few old OMPR posts today, I came across my own blogpost about kid-me writing a bloody fantasy epic for a school assignment. And I realized that I needed to find that Aragon blogpost, in order to settle once and for all the age-old question:

Who is a better author, Aragon or Chris?

No, wait, scratch that.

Who is was a better author (when they were a gawky pre-teen), Aragon or Chris?

There we go.

So! In this corner, we have "Unnamed Chemistry Assignment," 12 year-old Aragon's harrowing tale of familial desperation and societal collapse in a World Without Chemistry. I assume the author took the liberty of translating it, insofar as he would've been a Spanish child living in Spain at the time, but the smarter-than-thou pretentiousness of a 12 year-old still comes through clearly across the language barrier. Bonus points for turning it into a self-insert.

And in this corner, we have "The Magician's Apprentice," a riveting epic full of swords, sorcery, teleportation, and specious leaps of logic. It really has that, "I read LotR with almost no help from Mom and Dad and I'm super proud of it" energy that you look for in a work like this.

So, which is the superior work? Aragon was slightly older when he wrote his story, but I definitely had more editing help than him, so I figure it cancels out. Be sure to let me know, so I that I know whether I need to mock or genuflect to Aragon next time I see him.

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Hey, I already plugged your epic tale in a blog post about a year ago.

The important thing is that you both get more attention either way.

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