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On Commission - Please Inquire About Rates · 10:37pm Feb 28th, 2022

Right, time to see how many followers I have left.

As most of you may know, I went pretty silent on Fimfiction a few years ago and did not have a strong intention to come back for good - and still don't. Real life, however, has had other plans. A few months ago, my wife and I were laid off from the job we'd been working at for two years when the owner of the business made a snap decision to close the remote office location we were working from, and while I'm hopeful that I'll have the "not being employed" thing fixed soon, rent unfortunately waits for no one. So I'm doing something I've never formally advertised on a large scale before.

Give me some money, and I will edit your story. I am fairly detail-oriented but I specialize in structural editing, which is the thing where I take apart bits of your story, explain how they work, and hand them back to you. Please message me if you want details regarding rates, I can promise that I will try and work within your budget, but the longer the thing you hand me to read is the more you should probably expect to pay, especially if you need the job done quickly and well.

Furthermore - and this is a risk, because it's been a very long time since I've done any writing in this regard - I know a good number of people still follow and favorite my stuff based on a very old smut story I wrote, The Safety Bell Was Silent. While I'm not comfortable taking money to write more Clocktower fics (I've mostly left that section of the fandom behind a while ago), I am very comfortable taking money to write more smut - especially if you want to see the characters from that story show up in other situations. Again, message me for rates. (I am also available to write non-smut short stories at a similar going rate but, being honest, if I have an audience from my fiction I suspect I know what they want).

I'm unsure how long I'll be keeping these offers open for, so if you want either of these things, I would appreciate hearing from you sooner than later. When and if I move away from this, I will update this blog post with that information and make a new post saying so, so follow me if you want that information available quickly.

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I still have poggers writing blogs I need to read from you that I have saved up in my hundreds of tabs.

I messaged your lovely wife about writing some of best ship Star trix. Feel free to take part in that as well if she decides to do it. Best of luck with y'all's finances. Fuck cops be gay do crime

I'm not in the market for commissions at the moment, but good luck!

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