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Assuming Rainbow Dash to be gay? · 8:54am February 24th

Just one thing, you can have your Rainbow Dash in your story whatever sexuality you want. All stories are alternate universes in a way. I even like lesbian Rainbow Dash. So, this is not a homophobic rant.

Now with that out of the way. Let's consider the scenario of you being a human in Equestria and you automatically assume Rainbow Dash to be gay? Just because she has a rainbow doesn't necessarily mean she's gay. Rainbows may have a totally different connotation in Equestria, depending on what universe of Equestria you found yourself in. I wonder, is there any story where a human claims Rainbow Dash to be gay, only to turn out she's straight? I don't think I could ever do it justice by writing a story about it. Everyone would just assume I'm writing a trollfic. Because I am Bendy.

Personally, I think it's interesting for Rainbow Dash to be straight. Since it breaks the tomboy cliche. Could also lead to some funny misunderstanding scenarios and culture shock in general.

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I think I stumbled across a story where Rainbow was asexual, even one where she was transgender. I've read stories where she was all across the sexual and gender spectrum.

I read a story where Rainbow had a kid back when she was still the pony equivalent of 10th grade, but because she was incapable of taking care of the baby and her parents couldn't afford to raise the baby, she wound up giving it up for adoption. The story was the author's way of explaining why Rainbow took so quickly to Scootaloo, because she reminder her of herself when she was young. The story is interspersed with Rainbow sitting on a hill or cloud, looking up in the sky,hoping that one day she'll be lucky enough to spot her foal she gave up all those years ago.

Do you have a link to such story? Sounds interesting.

Currently no. I came across it a few months before making my account.

Lol yea this reflects my thoughts

As in my blog? Or my comment?

Didn't the fandom already have this conversation / discussion 11 / 12 years ago right around when G4 came out?

Hey also Bendy how do you feel about the new Futurama?

Sorry, late to the party, I guess. I never showed my thoughts on it.

I am sceptical about the new Futurama.

Dash is only straight for Bow Hothoof.

Butt of course she is.

Ah, gladly someone else shared similar thoughts on the matter.

I mean either way regardless the tomboy thing is cliché honestly

But like yea no problem with her being bisexual or lesbian but seriously not every rainbow has to mean gay

Rainbows are pretty and they can mean enlightenment too or something

I don't think Rainbow Dash is particularly enlightened; I keep saying the default assumption is that Twilight outlives at least one of her friends regardless of natural lifespans...

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