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My Little Pony G5 News 02/22/2022 · 2:01pm February 22nd

We're off on the road to friendship...

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! As a follow-up to last weekend's news, we continue our speculation and study surrounding both the upcoming 2D and 3D G5 series both of which are set to be released later this year. Before hand, we didn't exactly have too many details to work with as far as the release date, episode count, or pretty much the team behind this series (As well as some new faces entering the MLP scene). But today MLP faithful, we've just received a slight preview of sorts (Description wise) in terms of what we can expect with the show.

And we begin with the 2D animated series that has already started a slight division amongst the fanbase (Even dedicating a poll as far as how we 'feel' about the style):

First person to correctly guess all the references gets a shout-out on this blog!

According to the MLP website, a banner had just been posted showing off the 'Tell Your Tale' series set to air on YouTube this coming April. As expected, they chose not to reveal too many details right off the bat but instead we are given a hint that the Mane 5 ponies are currently living in Maretime Bay. According to the synopsis, and I quote:

Living in Maretime Bay, our Pony BESTIES are having a ton of fun together! These 5-minute episodes offer funny, fast paced stories that will have everypony in stitches.

As we've come to suspect with this series, 'Tell Your Tale' is clearly going to be the more 'comedic' series of the pair. And when we think of the length of these series, we start to assume this is nearly a similar runtime for a short as a 'Looney Tunes' cartoon...


Oh, come on! I didn't it was 'that' bad!!!

*Clears throat* Sorry folks... I meant this reference:


Now anyone who is anybody has often grown up seeing at least 'one' Looney Tunes cartoon in their day (Especially the old ones). And while it is true their runtime usually goes up to between 6 to 7 minutes (Unless they cut out some scenes for time restraints in home release tapes), somehow they are able to compile an entire story within that time frame while granting the audience a ton of laughs. I'm not expecting 'Tell Your Tale' to be so entertaining that they receive some 'Academy Award for Best Animated Short' or even get an induction into the 'National Film Registry', as a matter of fact my initial hopes for this series are not as positive as you're hoping it will be. But until the series does eventually come out and if, somehow, the series is not entirely like 'Pony Life' and can prove to be a smart take on G5 with humorous results (Not reliant on pop culture references or toilet humor), then there is the slightest chance that this series will prove to be entertaining.

Although given that we are working with 70 episodes in total, it's definitely going to be quite a pain working on every single individual episode review as they come out. Somewhere down the line, I'll have to narrow down the reviews to a more appropriate length. But that's just planning ahead right now.

Now we turn our attention to the 'Make Your Mark' side of the upcoming material, or in this particular case the Netflix special set to release "before" the actual series. And to make a slight correction from previous news, it turns out that we 'will' get that 23 episode run that was initially discussed earlier it's just that they are starting with 8 episodes to present just to determine how invested we'll be with the series. And I'm not saying any names for giving me the incomplete information... Moxxie...

Anyways... according to Hasbro president Eric Nyman, the My Little Pony plans for 2022 is among the biggest news he's been willing to share for the fans. Aside from all the news we've already heard prior, we have been given a slight idea as far as what the special has to offer, and I quote:

On May 26, our special 'Make Your Mark' drops on Netflix, picking up from the movie where the Mane 5 are learning to live with each other and their new powers.

Now let's just 'recap' on this news shall we?

Sunny supposedly has 'alicorn' powers now...

We know she keeps the rainbow mane, but DON'T know if these powers come and go.

Pipp and Zipp can fly...

I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky...

Izzy has unicorn magic... hopefully she doesn't go the Pinkie Pie route...


*Shoots her with water bottle* Down Pinkie! Down!

*Clears throat* And Hitch does... whatever Hitch is supposed to do.

Am I a joke to you?

Between the fandom, there's been this constant debate as far as whether Earth ponies 'actually' have magic at all... or they are just super strong. When we reflect back on G4, it was stated that Earth ponies have these deep connection to the Earth to help plant the seeds needed to grow food and various crops to provide for one another. And we've seen instances of Earth ponies being essentially strong, like a certain country bumpkin who 'may' or 'may not' be lesbian according to the previous poll...

Spoiler alert: I voted 'yes' for these two just to piss off some folk I know.

And the numbers don't really lie either...

Anyways... back to the matter at hoof, the ending of the recent MLP movie did suggest the possibility that Earth ponies 'do' have some real magic to offer for G5. If there was a crystal for the Earth ponies, the same that applies for Unicorns and Pegasi, then the idea that Earth ponies have magic may not be as big of a joke as some fans believe it to be.

So this heart-shaped hoof-print during the post credits may have already hinted something.

Hopefully we'll have more information to work with as far as 'G5 pony' material is concerned. But at the very least this leaves us with something for the fans to speculate until further news comes out over the time.

And now the BIGGER question remains: What do YOU think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

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I thiiiiiinkkkk...I should wait and see when the actual show comes out.

I can name some of the references, let's see...

Sunny is Star v. The Forces of Evil
Izzy is Mabel from Gravity Falls
I think Pipp is from Amazing World of Gumball
Hitch is Family Guy, I think?
And toothpaste Zipp is...um...just toothpaste?

Uh... you actually got 'one' wrong, but I'm not going to say which one. Thanks for trying.

But it's probably for the best to 'wait' until the actual show comes out. Then it'll be a matter of determining as to whether the show is watchable or not.

Eh, it's okay. Honestly, I haven't seen Star v Forces or Gravity Falls, or Family Guy, and I don't like AMoG so it's no big loss

I'll be judging the final product, not the advertisement.

Straight-forward and blunt... expected nothing less.

Now would you like to wager a guess that Melody already attempted?

Its all very interesting to say the least and curious of what's to come, I honestly wouldn't mind if there's a lot of comedy in the show because I always love a good laugh, another fabulous blog Drama, stay cool and classy XD.......hope Moxxie isn't to upset lol

Let's just hope it's the 'good' kind of comedy. Me, I'm leaning more toward the 'Make Your Mark' series because it feels more like a story-driven series (Specifically with the special). But as some users say, the only way to determine if the shows will be good or not is when we get a taste of what the final product has to offer.

Care to wager a guess on the image that Melody already tried before?

Hmmmmm, I wanna be surprised, some of the references do look familiar from different shows I've watched, Family Guy being one of them, I'm just gonna take what comes:twilightsmile:

Well that would be 'one' you got right. Now the trick is determining if you can figure out the rest. If you can recognize how their eyes are animated and their mouths, what's the cartoon that pops in your head?

I slowly getting use the design now. Hopefully more new character in the show because there was a toy of a new dragon name Sparky Sparkeroni which probably the g5 version of spike but has light green scale instead of purple.I found it while browsing to derpibooru.

Shipping to the main characters.I prefer the support ing character to have a romance arc instead of the main character.

Sparky 'could' be the new Spike, perhaps even a descendant of the original Spike. Hopefully this dragon comes with their own unique personality.

Would you care to guess the references on that one Tell Your Tale portrait on this page? No one's gotten all of them right yet.

Sunny is Star Butterfly
Hitch is the character from American dad (never watch Simpson,family guy or that)
Pipp is Steven Universe because of the been mouth
Izzy is Mabel
And Ice cream swirl is now toothpaste.

Ooh... you're so close. But I'm afraid you got 'one' of them wrong.

I see Amazing Gumball and Steven Universe as possibilities

And we begin with the 2D animated series that has already started a slight division amongst the fanbase (Even dedicating a poll as far as how we 'feel' about the style):


The only one I know is Mabel from Gravity Falls (just binged last year in October) & the main guy from American Dad (I could be totally wrong).


What the hell is this!? Is this like Street Sharks or The (Fuckin') Mighty Ducks!?


OLD SCHOOL *******!

Pipp and Zipp can fly...

I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky...

🎵I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away🎵 ...Never gets old😎!



Am I a joke to you?

No, you're awesome too! I Love You DonutLord!

Spoiler alert: I voted 'yes' for these two just to piss off some folk I know.

Another Spoiler Alert: You're Not Alone Pal! I too vote 'yes' for them as well😉.

Anyways... back to the matter at hoof

BADUM TSS! HA:rainbowlaugh:! Give it up for Dramamaster829 Fillies and GentleColts! He's here all week!


Shout Out to the band: Heart!

Only one of those guesses are correct, I will tell you that.

I will say you got 'one' guess correct on the references. Thus far, most of the fans got 'two' of these references incorrect.

Okay I'll take it. I'm not gonna cheat and go to google and look whom the other characters are, so I'll leave my answer as it is.

Yeah, I take back everything I said about 'Tell Your Tale'!

But 'Make Your Mark' is gonna be 🔥!

I Fucking Hope! (Excusez Moi)

We can only hope so. I'm hearing a ton of news about 'Make Your Mark' as far as the set-up, the choice of animation, and what it wants to cover. For me this series is the more story-driven one, while 'Tell Your Tale'... I feel that is all just for laughs... hopefully not the 'forced' kind of humor. I hate those kinds of cartoons when they try 'so hard' to be funny, that it just doesn't feel natural. For me, I can make people laugh without even thinking I'm telling the joke yet somehow, I get a chuckle or two if you can imagine that?

Late to the party but uh... I'm concerned about G5 if this is the look we're gonna get. I'm aware of don't judge a book by its cover but I wish they had kept the G4 look or at least tweaked it a bit. Also, unpopular option but I liked Loonitic Unleashed as a kid.

Your concerns about the series are noted. I felt the same way as well. But until we at least see what this 2D run has in store, even though I agree that the flash animation approach with G4 would be more enjoyable, all we can do is speculate. Hopefully it's more bearable than the 'Pony Life' stuff.

As far as 'Loonatics Unleashed' goes, I admit while it may not be one of the 'best' Looney Tunes series, there are some things about it I still enjoy. I get that they were trying to be slightly edgier with their material but it definitely had room for improvement. I will say I like the rabbit lassie amongst most of the crew.

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