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Time to Celebrate · 8:00pm Feb 21st, 2022

I swear to Celestia, I wish I wasn't to lazy to switch to a different online comic store that wouldn't take so long to ship things.

But let's talk about MLP Generations #4 before I get distracted from my mission.

This is another case where we can draw the moral directly from the dialog: "If you want something cursed, you better do it yourself." You shouldn't expect underlings to be as inspired as you are by your hatred; they don't feel it, after all. And of course nowhere is this more of an issue than on undercover missions where your agents have plenty of time to get attached to those they hide among.

Tradition—and obsessiveness—now dictate a rundown of all the past-generation ponies here, in order of appearance.

  • Galaxy is a pink unicorn with a Big Dipper cutie mark from G1. She is quick to notice problems and responsible and sensible about solving them.
  • Minty is a mint earth pony with three candies for a cutie mark from G3. She is tomboyish, clumsy, and ditzy, and she really likes the color green.
  • Lofty is a cream pegasus with a hot-air balloon cutie mark (though on the first page it looks like there's something different mostly hidden by her wing) from G1. Her wiki page is a stub.
  • Bon Bon is a yellow earth pony with a wrapped candy cutie mark from G1. She doesn't have any wiki page that I could find for her character (though I did find some merchandise wiki pages).
  • North Star is a lavender pegasus with a compass rose cutie mark from G1. She likes adventures and has a good sense of direction.
  • Lickety-Split is a lavender earth pony with a cutie mark of ice cream cones from G1. Her wiki page is a stub.
  • This list entry is just to commit to not identifying the ponies outside the window whom we can't see in much detail. If I say they don't matter to us and it's too difficult to identify them without being able to identify their cutie marks, maybe I'll believe it.
  • Surprise is a white pegasus with three balloons as her cutie mark from G1. As we all know, Pinkie Pie is her except without wings.
  • Applejack is an orange earth pony with a cutie mark of apples from G1. She's a clumsy and silly pony.
  • Rosedust is a yellow flutter pony with a cutie mark of roses from G1. She's kind and cares deeply about protecting the flutter ponies she rules.

I think "We're glad your grandmother isn't alive to see how you turned out" is a new low of parental love from Reeka and Draggle. Those two shouldn't have been allowed to raise children, even if it would be difficult to prevent them from budding (which is clearly how witches reproduce).

I question why Ocellus's parents have an opinion on Black Belle, given that they live rather far away and have presumably never met the new professors. Has Ocellus simply written enough about her teacher crush in her letters home for her parents—who, I'll remind you, I think must be older half-siblings who adopted Ocellus as part of one of the changelings' attempts to imitate pony culture—to draw conclusions?

Seeing a recolor of Cozy Glow seems a little surreal, since you'd think that her manestyle would be severely out of fashion after her two attempts to take over Equestria.

Do you think they're setting up Shadow Storm to side against his sisters in the coming conflict? He doesn't seem to have bonded with Ponyville life like the other two have.

I can't help but focus on the phrase "pretending to let you beat me at Monopony." Sure, it's probably just an angry misstatement, but what if this mare actually has a habit of pretending to go easy on her friend to cover up the fact that she's actually really bad at Monopony?

Can I visit the tea shop where the dapper snakes share tea? Do I need to buy some tea to justify my presence? I'm not very into tea, but I'll buy some if I have to.

I note that Casey Gilly only knows one way to write fawning speech to violent pets. And I don't think it's how Fluttershy talks.

Why is Starlight the only one who is concerned about the test firing reducing their test dummies to piles of ashes? There won't be any smooze-affected ponies in Ponyville if there are no surviving ponies in Ponyville, but I'm not so sure that's a suitable way to achieve the goal.

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