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Rose Brass, action hero · 5:42pm February 20th

Rose is a veteran military officer and social worker, a competition-grade pistoleer, an expert martial artist, tough-minded, quick-thinking, and fearless. In short she has all the makings of a good action hero—yet I never have written her as such! The closest I got was Virga, but even there she plays the part of the steady, indomitable commanding officer rather than the two-fisted guns-blazing ass-kicker. Lately I have been hankering to find just one good situation to let her cut loose. :rainbowwild:

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Well there's always tripping under a ladder into a plate-glass window and waking up in Ponyfinder, or whichever other fantasy/sci-fi setting floats your boat. Take inspiration from the old HIE stories perhaps?

She certainly works around enough intense semi-controlled and poorly-understood Terran/Equestrian magic...

I do not write (or read) crossovers or human-in-Equestria stories, as I harbor a strong antipathy for both. I’m thinking exclusively in terms of a scene or story that would fit in Twin Canterlots. My inclination is to set it on the human side of the portal, but I’m not opposed to the idea of setting it in Equestria instead.

Rose ends up spending a lot of time with Tempest in Equestria. There could still be creatures out there with a grudge against the ex-commander, no sense of proportionate retribution, and no regard for collateral damage.

"Might I inquire as to why you want to back out now when you've never had any issues with significantly... wetter work in the past?"

"Well, it's because the organization's future is uncertain now."

"And why is it you believe our future is uncertain?"

"Well, sir, it's, uh... it's because that woman your boys kidnapped is Rose Brass' girlfriend."

"... oh."

Something like that did occur to me, and it definitely is food for thought!
That made me snicker out loud. :rainbowlaugh: I mean, if Hollywood can turn it into a time-honored trope . . .

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