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For anyone wondering about the new G5 voice actors... · 3:56am Feb 18th, 2022

They recast the main 5 for G5. I've managed to track down clips of all 5 of them, I think.

Easiest to track down was Izzy, as I'd heard her before. She's Strawberry Shortcake!
Izzy - Ana Sani:

Sunny is Carly in this clip.
Sunny Starscout - Jenna Warren:

Zipp Storm - Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
Zipp plays Devi:

Pipp Petals - AJ Bridel
Okay, she plays one of the two Sister Sally's in the first clip, and the second clip is her singing! (Second clip is off her youtube channel, btw.)

Hitch - JJ Gerber
He was kinda the trickiest. His main role was KT in Bibleman. He talks to Biblegirl at 4:04 here:

--Sweetie Belle

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Comments ( 7 )

Thanks for these clips! This was fun.

No problem! Wanted to hear what they all sounded like myself. Listening to the clips makes me feel better about the casting, since they really could have done worse. I could usually hear a bit of the character in question in them.

It's notable that the clip of AJ singing various songs was from her own youtube channel, so at the least, the voice actor for Pipp has social media going...

--Sweetie Belle

Hold up they recast the actors?

Yeah. Probably inevitable. Not only were the original actors big name actors they likely couldn't afford for a series, they were American, and the new ones seem like they are all Canadian. Atomic Cartoons is based in Canada, and they are doing the main G5 Netflix series.

--Sweetie Belle


That’s to bad… I really liked the actors who played the characters

Yeah, I'm especially fond of Kimiko Glenn, who played Izzy in the movie. She also plays Horse in Centaurworld, and is really talented. Centuarworld tends towards several songs an episode, and she had a duet early on. Don't know if Izzy's new voice actor can sing...

--Sweetie Belle

This doesn't surprise me at all. This is what happens when you go for (relatively) big names rather than dedicated voice actors.

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