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  • 3 weeks
    New Story: Missing Pieces

    "Missing Pieces", the long-awaited epilogue to Night Rose as told from Roseluck's POV, is now live!

    If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy the story. Thanks as always for your continued support!


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  • 3 weeks
    NEW Story Coming Soon!

    Do not adjust your monitors, fillies and gentlecolts! Yes, I have actually finished an item in my Drafts folder! :pinkiegasp:

    And it's one that I've been drafting and discarding more times than I can count for going on two years: An epilogue to Night Rose from Rose's pov.

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  • 3 weeks
    (Very Late) Post-Con Report

    Hey, everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I meant to post this a while ago, but life's been more than a bit hectic lately. (and that was before I was unexpectedly laid off right before EFNW) :ajsleepy:

    But, enough about my issues. Let's talk about EFNW!

    I'm sure you've read many blogs from other folks who were there, so I'll just highlight some things I thought were especially cool:

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  • 13 weeks
    State of Author + New Pen Name?

    Hi, everyone. Long time, no speak from me. And I apologize for that. Just a couple of quick but important things to say today:

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  • 40 weeks
    Hope for the Holidays

    I really had high hopes for 2022. But hope springs eternal - as does a story I'm glad to say is about to rise once again. (more after the jump)

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Remembrance Day gets a translation! · 3:59am Feb 10th, 2022

It's always an honor to see one of your stories translated into another language, and I'm proud to say that thanks to the efforts of Dashwhite, 'Remembrance Day' is now available in Chinese!

Check it out on FimTale, which is a site specifically for MLP fans in China.

A huge thank you to Dashwhite for their generous offer to translate the story and share it with so many others. I'm honored by your support! :twilightblush:

Take care out there, everyone! More to come soon.


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