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  • 3 weeks
    Concept scene for a possible story

    So I’ve basically just had a wave of inspiration for several new stories. Fuck me. Anyway, here’s a possible concept scene for one of them. This one is based on the Pocket Ponies mobile game (with my own spin, of course).

    But yeah, I’ll get more into these stories later. Enjoy the concept scene.

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  • 4 weeks

    Heroine: “Y’know C-Heroine… I think I’ve gotten used to you and your many many sisters.”

    C-Heroine: *Happy monster noises*

    Heroine: “Heh… well, now that this is all sorted, we should probably—”

    *A cybernetic Heroine soon enters the metaphorical stage*

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  • 5 weeks
    New chapter out!

    Go read it now! Please

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  • 7 weeks

    Bezier’s eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the dim lighting. She looked around, noticing several other injured changelings, as well as nurses attempting to help them.

    Bezier looked down, noticing a bandage wrapped around her wound. A changeling walked over. “You alright?” He asked.

    Bezier shrugged. “As alright as I can be. Where the hell am I?”

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  • 10 weeks
    Reformation (Album)

    Sons of Chrysalis

    Original Song: Sons of Avalon - Civil War


    Steadfast; from shadows we will rise
    Tonight, prepare to die
    Hear the cry, raise your blades
    Hear me brothers, follow me!

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That was fast · 3:03pm January 25th

Hivehunter walked around Mount Aris, looking for Blue Fang. He stepped through one of the huts, and found the changeling of the hour, laying in a bed. “Blue?”

“Hm?” Blue sat up, yawning. “Oh! Hive! Uh… what are you doing here?”

“Well, Ky kinda… forced us to spread out and find you.”

Blue sighed. “Of course.”

Hive nodded, sitting down. Blue smiled, rubbing his back. Hive blushed a bit, chuckling. The two sat there for a bit, just thinking.

Suddenly, Hive grabbed Blue. Blue, startled, felt Hive press his lips to his. Blue turned red, Hive pulling away.

“Take me you dumb bastard.” Hive yanked him down into the bed.



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Well, now I have to go tie Pharynx down before he tries to kill Blue

*Sitting up, covered in sweat* “Holy shit, that was amazing…”

heheheh, its always is

Yeah, boys are cool. Now tell Hive to keep his dirty, faggoted hooves off my son.

*Lunges at him with a knife* "That'smyHivey!!!!"

*knocks him down* Pharynx, no!

"Oh come on, it's just gonna be a little stab wound!"

“Heh. Classic Hive. He’s been waiting the whole trip, hasn’t he?”

“So it seem.”

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