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    I'm back after two weeks

    Due to minor unforeseen events, I was banned from FIMFiction for Two Weeks, but glad to say that I'm back to create content for you guys

    If you have any ideas that you want to do leave a comment down below enjoy some artwork I found during my absence. The artwork got to their respective creators.

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  • Today
    STH x MLP Tangle and Wisper Character Image

    Lyra Heartstrings


    Tangle the Lemur

    Whisper the Wolf

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  • 4 weeks
    EGHCC: The Legion of Chaos

    Dusk Claw- Know as formerly as Shadow Gust he became the leader of VILE (Villainous Indisposed League of Evil) his power are like Dark Shadow in HMA and creating the Legion of Chaos, a group villains thrive for world control.

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  • 4 weeks
    EGHCC Season 3 Episodes 3-9

    The Ambassador- When Dr. Cross is being targeted by the Legion of Chaos by not joining them the Rainbooms and their allies risk their necks to protect him.

    Regret- After mission to stop the Legion of Chaos gone bad, Iron Mare must find her resolve and find strength to lead the group.

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  • 4 weeks
    Clearing some stuff

    With my Graduation coming up and college visit s and family issues any projects will be hold

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Equestria Girls Heroes Canterlot City Season 2 Episodes 1-3 · 5:34pm January 24th

The Big Heat- While Tornado(Rainbow Dash) takes on Blowtorch, an arsonist/supervillain who uses refined flame-throwing tech and a jet-pack, Twilight and Trevor must tend issues with Mayor Tomin and Talon Labs.

The Big Chill-Phoenix (Sunset Shimmer) is on the trail of Glacier a villain just like Frostbite uses ice tech as a means the objects of his passion: the rarest most valuable diamonds

House of Cards-With the Rarity doing a "Day in the Life" segment of television show magazine, Spade pull a heist at Carousel Boutique and take Sweetie Belle and Coco Pommel hostage.

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First 3 episodes are interesting!

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