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    EGHCC: The Legion of Chaos

    Dusk Claw- Know as formerly as Shadow Gust he became the leader of VILE (Villainous Indisposed League of Evil) his power are like Dark Shadow in HMA and creating the Legion of Chaos, a group villains thrive for world control.

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    EGHCC Season 3 Episodes 3-9

    The Ambassador- When Dr. Cross is being targeted by the Legion of Chaos by not joining them the Rainbooms and their allies risk their necks to protect him.

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    Clearing some stuff

    With my Graduation coming up and college visit s and family issues any projects will be hold

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    Six Months on FIM Fiction

    It has been somewhat six months since I've started this page.

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    STH x MLP New Frontier: Tangle and Whisper

    EG-Heroes of Canterlot City Season 3 Part 1 (Episode 1-10)

    My Little Avengers (MLP X Avengers Assemble Crossover)

    And some photos from my deviant art page

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Scooby-Doo and Equestria Girls Franken Creepy! · 4:24pm January 24th

Six mystery sleuths

Seven girls with magic of friendship

A family curse, A mad scientist

Two talking dogs

A monster

Now, prepare yourself for something even scarier,

Scooby Shaggy, Pinkie and Spike eat bratwurst,

Listen to that growl it sounds sounds sinister
It's mine and Scooby's stomachs" Shaggy said while he hold on the his stomach. "We have eaten in like 20 minutes.

Scooby and Shaggy lead the Mystery Gang, The Mane 7...

"Let's do this guys!' Pinkie said confidently

From castle to curse...

"Now you have brought the curse." said The Ghost of the Baron.

...in a nonstop adventure of sheer fright

"Velma now insane!" said Igor.

Everyone screamed at Velma's new look and Rarity fainted.

"Velma, your hair," Daphne said in shocked.

It's horrifying.

"It's alive!"

It's terrifying


"My Stars!"

Baron laughs evilly and Shaggy and Rarity whimpers in fear

It's appetizing

"It delicious!" Spike said as he eating sausage

"Maybe i should gone easy on the goat's head!" Pinkie started to feel sick.

SCOOBY-DOO! and Equestria Girls in Franken Creepy!

"Looks like our work's here is done !

"Not quite."

"Scooby-Dooby -Doo!"

Coming Soon in February 9th, 2022

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Oooo! Nice!

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