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Learning C and chasing T

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  • Today
    So I made Griff have really bad amnesia

    He stops pacing in the midst of introducing a whole new train of thought in lieu of the derailed. “The store, the store…” he parrots his own words like a broken record. It’s like he’s commanding the rusted cogwheels in his brain to start rotating. Each of his little shadow-flame brain cells scramble onto the motionless locomotives to try and get them up and running again. 

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  • Thursday
    People giving you extra leeway to be awkward and nervous

    Even though you’ve never had that kind of leeway

    And now you’re just

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  • Wednesday
    I am now officially pen pals with someone

    Never chatted over email before. But this one girl from my school didn’t have any socials, so we exchanged emails instead. It’s kind of a bummer that her XBox apparently broke, otherwise we would’ve been able to play Minecraft together as she stated that she loved to play it.

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  • Wednesday

    Turning a character from a comic relief to an antagonist with the “because I can” complex

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  • Tuesday

    >Being gone for an hour for testing

    >Logging into CA and having no orange numbers

    >Sad :(

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Hyperpop doodles · 8:41pm January 23rd

I’ve got two, and they’re basically just him saying his voice claim’s lyrics. That’s about it.

One is of a lyric I misheard in “push it !”

It wasn’t “carsanual”, it was “crushed on a wall


This second one’s of Hyperpop being the gremlin of the group. He really likes to press buttons, but this one shouldn’t exactly be pressed…

We got Dante trying to get him not to “push it !” As the voice of reason lol.

Report Xenophane · 45 views · #Dante #Hyperpop
Comments ( 8 )

I like the style of this!

push the button

Heheheh, Dante.

Mhm. I finally wanted to do a little chat box chibi style with a character, and I did it with him lol

The gigachad artist

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