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Learning C and chasing T

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  • Today
    So I made Griff have really bad amnesia

    He stops pacing in the midst of introducing a whole new train of thought in lieu of the derailed. “The store, the store…” he parrots his own words like a broken record. It’s like he’s commanding the rusted cogwheels in his brain to start rotating. Each of his little shadow-flame brain cells scramble onto the motionless locomotives to try and get them up and running again. 

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  • Thursday
    People giving you extra leeway to be awkward and nervous

    Even though you’ve never had that kind of leeway

    And now you’re just

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  • Wednesday
    I am now officially pen pals with someone

    Never chatted over email before. But this one girl from my school didn’t have any socials, so we exchanged emails instead. It’s kind of a bummer that her XBox apparently broke, otherwise we would’ve been able to play Minecraft together as she stated that she loved to play it.

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  • Wednesday

    Turning a character from a comic relief to an antagonist with the “because I can” complex

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  • Tuesday

    >Being gone for an hour for testing

    >Logging into CA and having no orange numbers

    >Sad :(

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Josh Rule · 6:39pm January 23rd

I was playing Rocket League in a match with someone named “Josh”

Now I angrily scream “Josh” every time the other team makes a goal

It’s a coping mechanism

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Yea. Mom says I’m being too loud but she doesn’t understand my power

Word of Josh

Ha! I remember that!

I think a little kid named josh won

Last time I checked it was actually Josh

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