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Hello, Leon Davies here, also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, professional voice actor, brony, autistic celebrity, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.

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Amusing anecdote involving Cyberpunk 2077 · 6:26pm January 23rd

So there's this Gig, which is a type of sidequest BTW, called Olive Branch. In this Gig, you have been tasked with driving a car to a small group of Tyger Claws. And there is a man in the trunk that you can have the option to talk to.

Unfortunately for me, I thought it would be wise to scan the Tyger Claws so I can quickhack them to death since the Tyger Claws are usually enemies. They didn't like that and, predictably enough, started shooting at me. But most of their shots hit the car, which caused it to blow up. So gig failed, right? Nothing I can do about it?

Well...before I ticked off the Tyger Claws, I tried talking to the man in the trunk and, just literally after a pop-up said "Job failed", I had a new objective from the mission saying "Talk to the man in the trunk". So I stood there asking myself "How? He is dead. He perished in a fiery explosion because me and the Tyger Claws have history".

In summary, thanks to that glitch, the chances of me 100% completing Cyberpunk 2077 went from "highly unlikely" to "straight-up impossible". Not that I ever intended on 100% completing it anyway.

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