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Massive Final Fantasy Writing Project Complete · 10:14pm Jan 22nd, 2022

I've finally completed a near decade long story. It's posted under The Wyld Stallynz as it was a collaboration work between Magical Trevor and myself. Further details can be found at the The Wyld Stallynz blog.

As for this account, not sure if I have it in me to write anything for the time being. If I do write something, it'll probably be short stories. I am so done with stuff that takes years for me to complete.

Till next time!

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Author Interviewer

holy crap :O

Author Interviewer

A) grats on finish story

B) grats on not die, you've been away for quite some time c.c

A) Thanks!

B) Uh, thanks? I didn't really go anywhere. I just didn't post anything here for a while. I was pretty active with the Seattle's Angels and am helping proof some stuff for other authors. But, I do appreciate the sentiment.

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